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Matt Schlicht (CEO of Octane AI)
September 14, 2023

The school year is in full swing, the temps are dropping, and it's time to prepare for to hit 4Q in full tilt.

I've got some great resources and strategies to help you stay on top of the ecommerce strategies and trends -- with the help of some of the great leaders in the space: Sean Frank of Ridge Wallet, Taylor Holiday and Orchid Bertelsen of Common Thread Collective, and Ron Shah of Obvi. 

Let's get right in to it!  

This Week in Ecommerce: Facebook and Instagram Shops

David Rekuc reports 57% of his new customer orders come through FB and IG Shops. Wow, with ads rolling out there, is this opening up a new opportunity?

Source: Dave Rekuc on X

The background: Facebook's Shops feature allows businesses to easily set up digital storefronts on Facebook and Instagram. By leveraging these platforms where consumers already spend time, brands can increase visibility and seamlessly enable shopping without directing users away. This is helpful for both small and large brands take advantage of Shops.

With customized branding and integrated messaging, Shops facilitates discovery to checkout entirely within Facebook's apps. You can learn more about Shops here.

Ron Shah of Obvi: Keep working hard! 

Octane AI Advisor Ronak Shah has grown Obvi into a DTC darling and hugely successful brand.  But it wasn't always like that. 

It was a grind to get there. 

Here he shares a bit of the early days: 

"Success happens very, very slow and then all at once.

So if everything is not going according to the plan right now.

Don’t get discouraged

Keep working hard and trust the process.

Everything is slowly compounding in your favor, if you keep showing up and putting in the work.

It's not going to be easy, and the work and progress won't always be visible, but it is slowly compounding.

Keep at it, and trust the process."

Hugely important advice for all entrepreneurs and people with big ambitions and goals! 

Octane AI Ideas: 12 Insanely Useful ChatGPT Prompts for eCommerce Marketers

Want to learn how how ecommerce quizzes can improve customer experience, enhance personalization, and boost conversions?

The rise of AI is transforming how businesses operate, and ecommerce marketers need to stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive.

One AI tool that is making waves is ChatGPT, which can be immensely valuable for ecommerce marketing efforts.

In this comprehensive guide, we share 12 prompts to make you a better ecommerce, nearly instantly! 

Personalization at Scale: How AI-Generated Video Content is Boosting Customer Loyalty for Brands

Personalized video content is becoming essential for brands to boost customer loyalty, and tools today are making it possible to easily create customized videos at scale.

By leveraging customer data to tailor video messages, brands can build deeper connections and see increased engagement, satisfaction, and lifetime value.

Marketers should start testing personalized video campaigns that leverage AI to engage users more effectively throughout the customer journey.

Learn more about personalization at scale with AI-generated videos, from Octane AI advisor adQuadrant.

Quizzes In The Wild: Bright Cellars

Bright Cellars, a wine subscription service, uses a quiz to understand the preferences of its customers. They ask about taste preferences, food pairings, and past wine experiences. This information is used to recommend a personalized selection of wines, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

"The wine aisle is scary. We aren't." They say. And it is true! 

After the fun 7 question quiz, you are paired with wines tailored to your specific tastes.

It is a fun, and valuable customer experience. 

You can check it out here 

Email Tips & Ideas: Klaviyo Foundations

7 Essential Klaviyo Best Practices for Ecommerce Success

Mastering the best practices of Klaviyo is essential for unlocking the full potential of your email marketing efforts. This is particularly true when you incorporate zero party data and customer insights that you know will resonate and come across as personalized. 

Kenny Trusnik of Forest City Digital shares 7 great strategies for improving your Klaviyo campaigns, from crafting better subject lines to maintaining a clean list.  

Ecommerce Round Up

The Einstein of Ecommerce: Bootstrapping to 9-Figures in Revenue with Sean Frank (CEO, Ridge Wallet):

This discussion with Ridge CEO Sean Frank provides valuable insights on bootstrapping a successful ecommerce brand without outside funding, growing through influencer marketing, and strategies for manufacturing, marketing, and competing with Amazon - tips that could help ecommerce marketers improve their strategies and grow their brands.

With proven tactics for influencer collaborations, lean startup principles, and lessons from Ridge's 9-figure wallet business, this talk offers actionable ideas to boost marketing results

How to Build a Q3/Q4 Revenue Peak w/ Orchid Bertelsen

Brands who embrace fresh offer strategies, capitalize on cultural moments, and acquire aggressively during Q4's mini-peaks can capture their unfair share. 

This discussion covers strategies for turning sales valleys into peaks, optimizing campaigns for the 4 mini-peaks around Black Friday/Cyber Monday, embracing novelty in offers, and acquiring as many new customers as possible during peak moments - tactics that provide ecommerce marketers with insights to maximize revenue potential in the upcoming holiday season.

This is a critical conversation going into 4Q, from some of the best minds in the ecommerce space -- the leaders at Common Thread Collective. Watch the conversation here. 

Thanks for diving into this week's newsletter--do you have any marketing strategies you are preparing to roll out in 4Q? Let me know, would love to feature them in future editions of this newsletter! 

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