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Help Customers Find The Right Product with The #1 Quiz Builder In Ecommerce

Feature a quiz on your website that asks questions and leverages AI to recommend products and provide personalized education.

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Unlike any Shopify app you’ve used before

Designed around customer insights from top to bottom. Create engaging experiences, collect customer insights, and personalize the shopping journey.


Create engaging customer experiences

Product quizzes, customer insight surveys, educational conversations, and gift finders.


Meet your store's new AI associate

Increase revenue by getting to know your customers and personalizing their experience.

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When a customer visits your website, get to know them with a quiz

Engage with customers when they visit your website, ask questions to get to know them, and collect customer insights.


Engage with customers when they visit your website, ask questions to get to know them, and collect customer insights.



Learn who they are

What do they need?


Listen to their concerns

What are they worried about?

Find out their preferences

What are they looking for?


Collect email and SMS

Grow your marketing list.

Save everything

Collect and store every customer insight.

Instantly personalize the shopping experience for each customer


Generate personalized recommendations

Use customer insights to show the right products to the right customers.

Use customer data and AI to highlight products that fit each customer’s needs, showcase relevant content and reviews, and answer questions holding them back from purchasing.


Trigger personalized emails

Automatically send personalized emails that convert.

Segment customers on email and SMS

Target personalized campaigns and flows.

Grow your business by delighting customers



Your email and SMS marketing list

Double Digit

Increase in average order value

Better Match

Decrease the number of returns


Jones Road 3Xed Ad Revenue

In January alone, Jones Road Beauty’s TikTok and Octane AI quiz funnel drove 50,000 new emails, with 36,000 of them being net new email signups. “If you think about and analyze the incremental impact that that can have on your business long-term is pretty amazing,”

Cody Plofker
CMO, Jones Road


NatureWise Lifted Revenue by 15%

"The biggest surprise in using Octane AI was how many people purchased after completing the quiz. There was a 25% conversion rate from people who have completed the quiz."

Melanie Cooper
Owner of CJC Marketing


Buckle Me Baby Coats Reduced 95% of Returns and Exchanges

"The size finder quiz has been invaluable at reducing my exchange and return rate dramatically, it's been wonderful for the lifeblood of my business. All of this money that I've saved on returns and exchanges I now reinvest every dollar back into the business."

Dahlia Rizk
Founder of Buckle Me Baby Coats


Ellie & Mac Increased AOV by 47%

"I was surprised by how much interaction and conversions I got using the conversational pop-up. That was a fun, high-performing bonus since I initially didn't come to Octane AI for that item."

Lindsey Essary
Owner and Designer at Ellie & Mac

Home Goods

Wicked Edge Increased AOV by 61%

"Whenever there’s a learning curve, there’s a barrier to purchase. Even once users understood what they were looking at, it was difficult to know which model (and accessories) were best suited to their unique needs and goals. These issues were undoubtedly affecting Wicked Edge’s conversion rate. An Octane quiz was a no-brainer solution.”

Grace Everitt
CEO of Tako Agency

Food & Beverage

Hunter & Gather Increased Email Revenue By 258%

“We’ve been blown away by the results that Hunter and Gather have achieved with Octane AI. It truly has been a game-changer.”

Adam Pearce
CEO of Blend Commerce

Created for Shopify Marketers by Shopify Marketers


With an advisory board of 50+ top Shopify marketers, Octane AI's product benefits from unparalleled expertise and real-world insights.


WYSIWYG editor

Type, drag and drop, no code required.

Sync all products

Seamlessly incorporate your products from Shopify

Fast load speed

No additional load time

Conditional blocks

Show different content to different customers

Dynamic flows

Ask different questions to different customers

Custom CSS

Completely take over design

Personalization API

Full API access to all quiz data

Engagement Analytics

Track and measure everything

Multistep Pop-ups

Talk to your customers, don't shout at them


Shopify, Klaviyo, Attentive, Google Analytics, Zapier, Alloy, and more.

Fuel growth with Octane AI

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