Using a Quiz in Paid Marketing

Enhance your paid marketing campaigns by using product recommendation quizzes as your ad landing pages

Matt Schlicht (CEO of Octane AI)
July 5, 2023

Picture this: You've designed an incredible ad campaign. You're confident it's going to grab the attention of your target market and drive traffic to your online store. But once they land on your site and start browsing through your expansive product catalog, they feel overwhelmed with choices, and there's a chance they may leave without purchasing anything.

The solution? A product recommendation quiz serving as your ad's landing page.

Let's explore how a quiz can enhance your paid marketing campaign and provide an excellent, personalized shopping experience to your potential customers.

Why Use a Quiz in Paid Marketing?

Redirect Ad Traffic to a Quiz: Instead of leading site visitors straight to your product page, direct them to an engaging, interactive quiz. A product quiz enables shoppers to answer a variety of questions about their preferences, needs, or lifestyles. Based on their answers, you can provide personalized product recommendations.

This approach greatly reduces the overwhelm of sifting through a large product catalog and allows shoppers to find what they are looking for more efficiently. The result? You increase your chances of converting a site visitor into a paying customer. One brand that used this method with great success is Jones Road Beauty. They directed all of their TikTok ad traffic to an advertorial which further led the site visitors to their quiz.

Enhance Customer Experience: A quiz makes the shopping experience interactive and personalized. It reassures customers they are investing in products specifically tailored to their needs. More importantly, it demonstrates your brand's commitment to understanding and serving your customers better. This, in turn, builds trust and brand loyalty.

Boost Sales Conversion Rate: Here's an impressive fact - Jones Road Beauty reported that customers who took their quiz had 50% higher Average Order Value (AOV) than those who didn't. Furthermore, for every five quiz-takers, one made a purchase, translating into a remarkable 20% sales conversion rate. These numbers clearly demonstrate the potential of a product quiz to not only drive traffic but also boost sales conversions.

Gather Zero-Party Data: By asking questions during the quiz, you can also collect valuable zero-party data (voluntary data provided by the customer). This allows you to understand their preferences and needs, which consequently lets you send personalized and relevant marketing communications in the future.

Increase email sign-ups: Offering a quiz incentivizes customers to sign up for your email list, allowing you to stay connected and nurture that relationship further. Notably, Jones Road Beauty managed to drive 50,000 new email sign-ups within a month of launching their TikTok and quiz funnel!

The Customer Journey From Ad to Quiz

Let's break down a typical customer journey when a quiz is used in your paid marketing campaign:

  1. The customer clicks on your eye-catching ad, piquing their curiosity.
  2. They are redirected to a unique, interactive quiz on your website.
  3. They enjoy the process of answering questions about their preferences, thus making the shopping experience more personal.
  4. Upon completing the quiz, they are given product recommendations tailored to their responses.
  5. They are impressed by this personalized approach and find it easy to make a purchase decision.
  6. A follow-up email sequence is triggered after they complete the quiz, extending the personalized experience.

When you engage your customers and understand their needs through a quiz, you're doing more than just selling your products. You're building strong and lasting relationships with your customers, providing them with value, and making their shopping experience truly enjoyable. So why wait? Partner with Octane AI and bring the power of quiz marketing to your brand today!

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