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Marketing fuel for your ecommerce brand 

Grow site conversion, opt-ins, AOV, ROAS & revenue with a new way to collect buyer profile data from your site visitors to power personalized cross-channel experiences. Shop Quiz, Messenger, SMS & Opt-in tools.

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Join the thousands of Shopify stores, big and small, that are fueling growth with Octane AI

Drive conversions by personalizing every step of the customer’s journey.


Collect customer insights with engaging quizzes and grow marketing lists faster with customizable opt-in tools.


Recommend the right products to solve customer problems and personalize your marketing.


Foster stronger customer experiences that encourage repeat purchases and build lifelong relationships.

The ultimate resource hub for beauty brands to learn, innovate and grow faster

We've compiled the keys to success of top beauty brands–now it's all in one place. Just for you. 

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Use a Shop Quiz to personalize the shopping experience and drive up AOV & opt-ins

Create buyer profiles to use across your marketing channels. Setup is easy, fully customizable, and no-code plus comes with detailed analytics.

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Increase marketing opt-ins with branded and engaging opt-in tools

Use a collection of pop-ups, Messenger opt-ins, Facebook ads, and more to capture visitors and get them to subscribe to marketing automations.

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Drive conversions with personalized Facebook Messenger & SMS marketing

Build conversations, send sponsored messages, create custom flows, and share promotions to re-engage customers and drive them to make a purchase.

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Deeply integrated with Shopify and all your apps

Data shouldn’t be siloed. Octane AI is designed to work seamlessly with your email, subscription, customer support, and paid media platforms.

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