The Zero-Party Data Marketing Playbook for Supercharging Shopify +

Fast-growing DTC brands implementing this playbook, and personalizing the customer journey with zero-party data, have connected with 16x more customers on email and SMS, seen 6x sales conversions, and increased revenue by over 50%.


Why Zero-Party Data?

  • The data privacy landscape is changing quickly with updates from Apple and Google
  • You can no longer rely on third-party data to power your ads and marketing strategy 
  • To future-proof your business you need to start collecting zero-party data that you own

What's Inside?

  • How to collect zero-party data through product quizzes and pop-ups
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs of how to personalize email & SMS flows, and Facebook ads
  • Exactly how to leverage your zero-party data across your tech stack through integrations with Klaviyo, Zapier, Recharge, Alloy and more

Who's Onboard?

  • More than 40 leading ecommerce operators, agencies and experts share tips on the "why" and "how" of zero-party data
  • Thousands of Shopify and Shopify Plus brands are already seeing success with these strategies
  • Join in with the platform that Shopify named as Best Storefront App

Ecommerce experts agree - you need a Zero-Party Data strategy now!


Kady Srinivasan

SVP, Global Head of Marketing @ Klaviyo

"Advertising on third-party platforms is going to be more challenging and less efficient since marketers’ will lose their ability to deliver highly personalized and targeted messages to consumers. Not to mention, paid advertising is getting pricey—cost per impression and cost per click are increasing, which is effectively inflating customer acquisition costs."


Chase Dimond

Partner @ Structured

"The writing is on the wall. Your success will be determined by how much you do right now. My best recommendation is to lean heavy into collecting zero and first party data (with an emphasis on zero-party data).The more data and insight you collect now while things are still somewhat accessible, the better you'll be in the long run. If you wait, it'll likely be too late."


Kelly Vaughn

Founder & CEO @ The Taproom Agency

"Being too dependent on data you don't own is a recipe for disappointment, both for merchants and for their customers. We're entering a new era where privacy comes first, and brands need to adapt to this new online browsing experience."


Jason Wong

Founder @ Doe Lashes

"In the middle of the funnel where users are on your website, brands need to collect data that actually matters. Just collecting their email or phone number tells you nothing about the customer and it means that you're just going to send blanket messages to everyone and blend in with everyone else in their inbox."

What is Octane AI?

Founded in 2016, we are the pioneer zero-party data marketing platform proud to be powering thousands of ecommerce merchants (including Shopify themselves) to create real relationships with more site visitors and unlock higher conversion rates through personalization across marketing channels.

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