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Step 1

Give all of your product reviews to your Insights Analyst.

Step 2

Give your Insights Analyst a research task.

Step 3

Your Insights Analyst will deliver a report to you in 30 seconds.



Analytical Tasks


"Identify the most frequently mentioned positive and negative features of our product."

"Identify any seasonal trends in review sentiment. Are there times in the year when reviews are more positive or negative?"

"Identify if there are specific product variants (like color, size, etc.) that receive better or worse reviews."

Content Creation


"Draft a press release highlighting the positive aspects of our product."

"Create a product description that addresses the concerns raised in 1 to 3-star reviews."

"Write a script for a product demo video that emphasizes the benefits loved by our 5-star reviewers."

Strategy Suggestions


"Based on the reviews, what new product lines could we consider introducing?"

"Analyze the reviews to suggest target demographics for our next marketing campaign."

"Analyze the reviews and propose a strategy to reduce product returns or exchanges."

Persona Building


"Develop personas for our most vocal critics and suggest how we could turn them into advocates."

"Create buyer personas of those who have left the most positive reviews."

"Identify and describe the personas of customers who are most likely to recommend our product."

Educational Content


"Write a beginner's guide for our product addressing common issues found in reviews."

"Develop a troubleshooting guide focused on the problems frequently mentioned in the reviews."

"Write a 'tips and tricks' article to help users get the most out of our product."

Promotional Content


"Create a promotional email emphasizing the solutions to issues found in 2-star reviews."

"Write a discount offer email that targets the customer personas who appreciate our product the most."

"Draft a product re-engagement email based on the reasons for positive reviews."


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