Follow-Up Emails: Engaging Customers After Taking a Quiz

Discover the power of post-quiz email flows for enhancing customer engagement in your ecommerce business.

Matt Schlicht (CEO of Octane AI)
August 2, 2023

We know - quizzes are great. They offer an engaging way to learn about your customers and provide them with personalized product recommendations. But what happens after customers complete a quiz? How can you maintain that momentum and build an even stronger relationship with them?

The answer is to utilize follow-up emails. But not just any emails. These are personalized, targeted communications based on the zero-party data you've collected from your quiz. This strategy can help boost conversions, improve customer loyalty, and drive significant revenue growth for your ecommerce business.

Understanding the Post-Quiz Email Flow

The basis of a post-quiz email flow is really quite simple. Once a customer completes a quiz on your site, you can trigger a series of automated emails personalized with the insights they provided during the quiz. These emails can reinforce product recommendations, provide more tips or information related to their answers, or simply keep the conversation going.

But why is this so powerful? Because it's not a one-size-fits-all approach. In your quiz, you'll have asked questions that reveal valuable insights about your customers - their preferences, their challenges, their goals. You can then use this data to create hyper-specific, personalized emails that directly address these needs.

This goes beyond 'Dear {First_Name}' personalization. It's about providing content and recommendations that are genuinely relevant to each individual. So not only are these emails more likely to be opened and read, they're also more likely to result in a sale.

The Power of Personalized Follow-ups: A Look at the Stats

Don't just take our word for it - let the numbers speak for themselves. At Octane AI, we've seen brands utilizing personalized post-quiz email flows achieve impressive results.

One of our clients, a skincare company, implemented a post-quiz email flow that saw a staggering 56% open rate and a 5.8% placed order rate within just five days. This is just one example of the potential for post-quiz email flows to boost revenue and conversions.

Crunching the numbers, we observed that Octane AI quizzes can increase the site's conversion rate significantly. The average conversion rate of quiz-takers can be as high as 20%, significantly higher than the typical ecommerce site rate of 2-3%. Moreover, their email flows have been known to generate up to a staggering 258% lift in revenue.

Why? For one, these emails are based on zero-party data - meaning they're built on information directly and willingly shared by customers, leading to more accurate and effective personalization. Plus, these emails drive engagement by providing product recommendations or educational content that directly relate to customers' quiz answers, sparking interest and meeting them where they are.

In the words of Christina Gorman, one of our experienced Lead Retention Specialists at Electriq marketing, "Quizzes are a really fun way to enhance your customers' ownership over their journey. They are able to feel like you are a concierge, helping them shop!”

Making the Most of Your Post-Quiz Email Flow

Achieving the biggest impact with your post-quiz email flow requires careful planning, targeting, and optimization. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Decide what data you need from customers: This could range from their product preferences to their budget, their shopping habits, or their personal challenges and goals. You then form these queries into an engaging, user-friendly quiz on your site.
  2. Collect the data: Deploy your quiz on your site and start collecting zero-party data from your customers.
  3. Integrate with Klaviyo: Connect your Octane AI account with Klaviyo, so all the zero-party data you collect is automatically synced to Klaviyo.
  4. Create your quiz email flow: Use the data to create an automated email flow that triggers after a customer completes a quiz. This could include reinforcing product recommendations, sending follow-up content based on their answers, or even offering a discount code to drive a swift purchase.

A post-quiz email flow elevates your customer engagement to the next level. This strategy shows you're really listening to your customers - and that you're committed to providing them with the most relevant, personalized shopping experience possible. It's a win-win approach that can drive impressive results for your business.

So why wait? Unleash the power of post-quiz email flows in your ecommerce business today. With Octane AI, tapping into the power of zero-party data marketing has never been easier.

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