How to increase sales by personalizing your marketing with quizzes.

Get ready to learn everything about quizzes.

What are AI Quiz Funnels? What is Zero-party data? What kind of quiz should your brand have? How do you personalize your marketing with quiz data?

Let's get into it.

1/ How AI Quiz Funnels Work

The first thing you need to understand is how a quiz funnel works.

2/ Benefits of Having a Quiz

Discover the benefits of incorporating quizzes into your ecommerce website.

4/ The Power of Zero-Party Data for Ecommerce Brands

Learn how zero-party data can revolutionize your ecommerce strategy.

6/ Types of Quizzes

Learn about various quiz types including product finder, bundle, educational, holiday gift guide, and compatibility quizzes.

7/ Follow-Up Emails: Engaging Customers After Taking a Quiz

Discover the power of post-quiz email flows for enhancing customer engagement in your ecommerce business.

9/ Using a Quiz in Paid Marketing

Enhance your paid marketing campaigns by using product recommendation quizzes as your ad landing pages

10/ Advanced Quiz Customization with Custom CSS and Javascript Events

Discover how to enhance your Octane AI quizzes using custom CSS and Javascript events.

11/ Building a Quiz with Octane AI

Explore how Octane AI simplifies the process of creating an effective, interactive quiz for your ecommerce brand.

12/ The Power of Partnering With Octane AI's Account Management Team

From personalizing support to data-driven strategies, learn how our team can transform your ecommerce success.

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