Add Recharge Subscription Products to Your Product Recommendation Quiz

Recharge and Octane AI’s powerful new and improved integration allows brands to utilize zero-party data collected by Conversational Pop-ups and Shop Quizzes to help guide customers to subscription products that best fits their needs.

Katya Sapozhnina
December 13, 2021

Octane AI is proud to announce the launch of one of our most requested integrations: the ability to add Recharge Subscription to Product Recommendation Quizzes.

What does this mean exactly? Here's the tldr: If you use Recharge on Shopify, you can now create a product recommendation quiz with Octane AI that helps your customers determine which subscription option is right for them!

p.s. If you are already using Octane AI and you want to skip this entire blog post and turn Recharge on for your quiz, go here.

The best part? Until the end of the year the Recharge integration is available to all plans! Connect Recharge to Octane AI before the end of the year to unlock this integration forever.

Here's a completely made up but relatable example of how our Recharge integration works:

  • Imagine you are a coffee brand. You sell subscription coffee beans for all sorts of different types of coffee!
  • You use Octane AI to add a quiz to your website so you can ask people how often they drink coffee, what type of flavor and roast they like, and to get their email (smart, smart)
  • Your quiz recommends them the right subscription (depending on how often they said they drink coffee) and the perfect flavor (depending on what they said their favorite flavor was).
  • They can purchase their subscription right at the end of the quiz! (And our stats show people are 5x more likely to convert when they take a quiz.)
  • Bonus: You can also use our other integrations to send your quiz data to your email, SMS, and ad platforms! 

So why is subscription important for your ecommerce business if you aren't leveraging it already? Why are so many merchants excited about Octane AI integrating with Recharge? What is Recharge? How does the Octane AI integration with Recharge work? What are some real world examples?

I'm going to answer all of these questions for you right now.

In this blog post, I will make the case for subscription products and how Shop Quiz + Recharge will make the most difference for your business this year.

Why is subscription important for your business? 

According to Shopify, the subscription eCommerce market is projected to grow to $473 billion by 2025. In order to stay competitive for this upcoming BFCM, every store needs a Shop Quiz and Conversational Pop-up recommending subscription products.

Subscription apps are a reliable way to increase your average order value and customer lifetime value. According to a 2020 ecommerce report, merchants saw their AOV increase an average of 6% after offering subscriptions. If you offer a discount for a subscription, shoppers are more likely to spend a little more money right away for a better long-term deal. 

For the upcoming Black Friday Cyber Monday, shoppers will choose brands that have already formed a strong positive relationship with them. If you identify these happy customers and offer them a subscription option, you will increase the recurring revenue and your customers’ lifetime value. Focusing your business strategy on your most loyal customers pays off, as repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers

Moreover, with 15% of Americans having signed up for one or more subscriptions, merchants are simply missing out on customers if they do not give a subscription option. Using Recharge and Octane AI, it is now easier than ever to benefit from subscription revenue and form stronger longer relationships with your customers. 


Why are so many merchants eager to use Shop Quiz & Convo Pop-ups for their subscriptions? 

Stores with subscription products can’t wait to use Octane AI’s Shop Quiz and Conversational Pop-ups. Store owners have been reaching out to us almost daily looking for this functionality. These merchants know that as soon as they have a quiz on their website that sells subscription options, they will not only increase their subscription revenue but collect important zero-party data on their most loyal customers. 

If your customers love your brand but still don’t know what to buy, they need a little bit of guidance to push them towards “Add to cart”. Octane AI’s Shop Quiz and pop-ups are persuasive conversations that recommend the most personalized products. Very effective for one-time products, these are even more important for subscriptions. 

Aside from obvious revenue benefits, the most critical reason why you need a Shop Quiz for your subscription products is to collect zero-party data. Soon, Google will break your ability to use 3rd-party browser cookies (we call this the “cookiepocalypse”), which will lead to you losing information and connections to potential customers. Apple’s recent iOS updates already break your advertising pixels. The future of marketing is a shift from third-party data to zero-party data. Those who build their own data, learn from it, and then use it for their own targeting, will build real relationships that can’t be easily taken away. 

Clients use our quizzes to learn about their most loyal customers, and use that information to make better business and marketing decisions that lead to more new and recurring customers. 


What is Recharge? 

Recharge is a popular subscription platform that makes refilling orders, subscription models, and reorders very simple. 

They are the #1 preferred subscription tool for our Octane AI clients. Recharge, valued at $2.1 billion, serves over 15,000 merchants and enables subscriptions for over 45 million customers. Recharge is also affordable since their standard plan takes no monthly fees.  


How does the Octane AI + Recharge integration work? 

When you integrate Recharge with Octane AI, you can create Shop Quizzes and  Conversational Pop-ups that recommend subscription products. 


In order for our integration to work, you need both Octane AI and Recharge apps and to connect them. On Octane AI‘s left menu, you will see an Integration page and you can press “Add” on Recharge to connect. 

Markup 2021-10-25 at 15.15.20

You can now add a subscription product just as easily as any other product. When you Add products to your Results Pages, look out for the Recharge icon! 

Markup 2021-10-25 at 17.48.43

One advantage of using Shop Quiz to recommend subscription products is that you can set the default selection to “Subscribe & save” on our Quiz editor. You can also edit the copy to be personalized to your audience. Your personalized quiz will encourage Shoppers to purchase subscriptions. 

Markup 2021-10-25 at 15.17.14

Turn to our Help Articles for a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a quiz and conversational pop-up with subscription products. 


Examples of Shop Quizzes / Conversational Pop-ups

There are 3 ways you can use a Shop Quiz / Convo Pop-up to see more sales and get more data:

  1. Recommend one highly personalized product per customer. On the quiz editor, choose the default choice to be a subscription, not a one-time purchase, for this product. Use a discount to entice people to keep the “subscription” option clicked and to buy it. The Shop Quiz will reassure shoppers that they’re making a smart long term decision based on their needs. In order to attract even more people, create a conversational pop-up that has one question that matches to a personalized product. 
  2. Promote one fun subscription box that most customers will enjoy on every quiz Results Page. This box can offer new samples or new seasonal products to all shoppers. Indecisive customers will buy this box because they can try out new products, instead of committing to one, and experience the joy of a monthly surprise. 
  3. Create a new gift-finder quiz with a subscription option! Your shoppers are shopping for their loved ones and feeling the pressure to get the perfect gift. You can take that pressure off by recommending a subscription gift. 

No matter which type of quiz and pop-up you choose, you should ask questions to gather your most important data. You will then use this information to personalize all messaging with them via email, SMS, and/or Facebook. For example, you can send very personalized FB messages to those who are interested in subscriptions. All your personalized messages using the zero-party data collected on the quiz will lead to re-engagement and better customer satisfaction.

Want to get started collecting zero-party data and building a more personalized customer experience? Talk to our team, or install the app today and try it free for 14 days.

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