Octane AI's Epic Adventures: Insights, Innovations, and Inspiration

Octane AI ventured through Grow LA, Natural Products Expo West, and Shoptalk. Learn how these events are fueling growth and innovation in the Ecommerce industry.

Gen Furukawa
March 22, 2024

The Octane AI team just spent the last month in California and went to some amazing conferences: Grow LA, Natural Products Expo West, and Shoptalk.

Each conference provided valuable insights, networking opportunities, and a chance to connect with existing and potential partners.

Here's a recap of the experiences from each event.

Grow LA

Grow LA was a tech-focused event that attracted a diverse range of companies and professionals.

The conference provided an excellent platform for Octane AI to connect with technology partners and explore potential integrations.

Some highlights: 

  • Meeting with Postscript to discuss the integration of Octane AI and Postscript. Prepare for your Octane AI data to make your Postscript SMS messages far more personalized and relevant! 
  • Talking strategy with Opensend on ways to get the emails of anonymous visitors. Combine that with the zero party data provided by Octane AI, and all of a sudden you have combined powerful data stacks to communicate and re-engage your shoppers.
  • Connecting with Octane AI customer Bailey's CBD about the success in sales and conversion rate from their quiz. 


The party was a fantastic time. 

Here's a candid image from the action: 


Octane AI President Ben Parr and Accounts and Partnerships Lead Aoife Teague taking some time to hang with friends outside.


The after-party at Grow LA was intimate, with around 30-40 tech professionals in attendance.

It provided a more relaxed setting to continue conversations and build relationships. 


Overall, Grow LA was a successful event for Octane AI, with approximately 200+ attendees and numerous opportunities to connect with potential partners and clients.

Joey and Aoife enjoy a fun selfie moment: 


IMG_4054 (1)

Natural Products Expo West

After Grow LA the team headed to Natural Products Expo West.

This is a massive annual event focusing on food, drink, vitamin, and supplement brands (with a smaller presence of makeup companies).

The conference floor was bustling with activity, with many brands vying for attention and hoping to secure prime retail distribution, in places like Whole Foods.

The event's focus was less on Ecommerce and DTC, but it still provided valuable insights into the natural products industry.

The team the pleasure of meeting with Harney & Sons, a longtime Octane AI customer, and Skinny Mixes, another long time Octane AI customer.

Here's the Harney Tea quiz: 

harney quiz

It was inspiring to see the level of investment some brands put into their booth displays, creating a truly immersive experience for attendees.


The highlight of the West Coast excursion was Shoptalk.

Shoptalk provided an unparalleled opportunity to connect with partners and learn about the latest updates in the Ecommerce industry.

For example, our conversation with our Klaviyo Partnerships manager. 

One piece of advice for all Klaviyo partners: prioritize your OAuth integration!

This is only growing in importance for security,


Throughout the event, there were numerous meetings with agencies excited about Octane AI's upcoming quiz features, such as the option to collect emails on quiz results pages, unique one-time use discount codes, and dynamic quiz progress bars with styling options.

More to come on these features soon ๐Ÿ‘€

The enthusiasm for these updates was palpable and reinforced our commitment to continually improving our product.

Here's Ben with Eli Weiss, VP Retention Advocacy at Yotpo:


The Shoptalk After Dark party was a massive success, with over 700 attendees.

Even Octie got a chance to mix and mingle with new friends: 


Attending Grow LA, Natural Products Expo West, and Shoptalk provided invaluable experiences and insights for Octane AI.

We strengthened existing partnerships, connected with potential new partners, gained a deeper understanding of industry trends, and promoted excitement about our upcoming product updates.

These events remind us of the amazing people behind the brands, tech partners and agencies that keep Ecommerce the most exciting industry to be a part of!

The entire team is feeling inspired and motivated to continue driving innovation and growth for Octane AI and our clients, stay tuned for some very cool features to be released soon! 

The Octane Team -- Ben, Aoife and Joey--sending out the good vibes ๐Ÿ˜Ž



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