Octane AI Promotes Two Executives to C-Suite as Company Bets on Artificial Intelligence to Fuel its Zero-Party Data Plat...

May 19, 2022

Megan Berry and Alex Gurevich appointed Chief Product Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

San Francisco, CA, May 19, 2021 — Octane AI, the pioneer zero-party data marketing platform, announced two new executive leadership appointments. Longtime Octane AI executive Megan Berry has been promoted to Chief Product Officer (CPO) after five years of contributing to Octane AI’s product development, and Alex Gurevich was promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO) after serving as its Vice President of Finance and Operations for the past year. Both strategic appointments will help guide Octane AI as the company prepares to make its leading zero-party data software more accessible for ecommerce merchants of all sizes through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

"Octane AI has become the leading zero-party data platform over the past 12 months as shifting advertising data policies from Apple and Google have pushed merchants to prioritize collecting their own data and leveraging it to personalize their communications with customers," said Octane AI CEO, Matt Schlicht. "Our mission is to provide businesses with the tools they need to understand not just what their customers are doing, but what they are thinking. Megan and Alex embody this mission, and their new roles enable them to continue to drive growth, build a world-class team, and help businesses scale with zero-party data."

As CPO of Octane AI, Megan Berry will lead the product, design, and engineering teams in enhancing Octane AI’s platform to enable more users to create relationships with their site visitors based on real data, and turn them into customers. Berry has over a decade of experience working with and managing remote product teams, having served as a Vice President of Product at Octane AI and RebelMouse. Berry previously worked at ad pioneer Mobclix and social influence platform Klout before its acquisition by Lithium.

"I've never been more excited about what we're building here at Octane AI! We want to empower every ecommerce merchant to have more conversations with their customers and to leverage zero-party data to humanize their shopping experience,” said Megan Berry, CPO of Octane AI. “Merchants know the importance of collecting and owning customer data, but they need solutions that make it easy to use this data to improve the full customer journey. That’s why we are prioritizing AI features that will make collecting zero-party data a no-brainer. We are making it incredibly fast and easy for marketers to get up and running with zero-party data marketing.”

After joining Octane AI as the Vice President of Finance and Operations, Alex Gurevich quickly transformed the operations of the company to be in a position to scale both the customer base and the internal team. With a track record of impact in high-growth technology businesses like Google, Zendesk, and Credit Karma, and seeing each of these companies go either through an IPO or acquisition, Gurevich is well-suited to lead the operations of Octane AI. In the new COO role, Gurevich will oversee internal functions, such as finance and people operations, as well as customer facing functions, such as account management.

“Since I joined in March of 2021, it’s been really great to see our customer base grow 80%+ and the monthly Gross Merchandise Value these customers generate through our software more than double,” said Alex Gurevich, COO of Octane AI. “We’ve been able to have this kind of growth with AI only in our name. Looking at our roadmap and seeing how powerful our software will become with machine learning, I am excited about driving increasing value for our customers and making their businesses more automated, smarter, and personalized.” 

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