Quiz Breakdown: How DTC Brands Jones Road Beauty Leverages Quizzes for Growth

Discover how top DTC brands like Jones Road Beauty are using quizzes to drive acquisition, increase sales, and provide personalized experiences. Learn best practices and strategies for incorporating quizzes into your product launches and marketing campaigns.

Gen Furukawa
April 4, 2024

Some of the leading Direct-To-Consumer brands leverage quizzes to grow their sales, capture leads, and collect valuable zero-party data.

Aoife Teague, Head of Partnerships and Accounts at Octane AI, shares her expertise and insights with Gen Furukawa on how top Ecommerce brands are using quizzes for acquisition, particularly in conjunction with product launches and social media campaigns.

The online shopping experience can be particularly challenging for beauty brands, where the product qualities are hard to assess by looking at a screen.

Thus, quizzes are especially helpful for beauty brands.

Aoife shares her learnings and analyses from working with Jones Road Beauty, a leader in the beauty space.

Take a look here in this insight-filled 10 minute video: 

Replicating In-Store Experiences Online with Quizzes

One of the biggest challenges for online makeup brands is helping customers find the right shades without the ability to test products in person.

Jones Road Beauty faced this issue and wanted to replicate their in-store experience online.

By implementing quizzes, they were able to provide personalized product recommendations based on factors such as skin tone, undertones, and skin type.

For example, for identifying the best match between a customer and their Miracle Balm product, it helps to know the use case (multiple use cases are completely OK!): 

jones road - miracle balm-1

Integrating Quizzes into the Customer Journey

To maximize the impact of quizzes, Jones Road Beauty strategically incorporates them throughout the customer journey:

  1. Navigation Bar: Quizzes are prominently featured in the navigation bar, making them easy for customers to find and access.

    nav bar
  2. Product Pages: Quizzes are embedded on relevant product pages, providing a valuable tool for customers who are researching and considering their options.
  3. Marketing Channels: Quizzes are promoted across various marketing channels, including email, SMS, and TikTok ads, to drive engagement and conversions.
  4. Social Media: When launching new products, Jones Road Beauty leverages their strong Instagram presence. They respond to comments asking about shade recommendations by directing customers to the appropriate quiz, streamlining the process and providing a personalized experience.

The landing page for each of these is the Quiz Landing Page, where there are several quizzes for customers to take: 

Jones Road Beauty quiz lander

Impressive Results and Key Metrics

The results of implementing quizzes have been remarkable for Jones Road Beauty:

  • The Miracle Balm quiz, in particular, achieved a conversion rate of 20%, meaning one in five quiz takers ended up purchasing the recommended product. This far exceeds the conversion rate of non-quiz takers. 
  • Quizzes also help reduce return rates by ensuring customers receive products that match their skin tone and skin type, improving customer satisfaction and profitability.
  • Questions like "Choose the model with the skin tone closest to yours" helps customers easily choose the right shade. Visualizing the options makes this faster and easier as well. 

jones road - miracle balm skin-1

Best Practices for Implementing Quizzes in Product Launches

For brands looking to incorporate quizzes into their product launch strategy, consider the following best practices:

  1. Simplicity: Keep the quiz experience easy and straightforward for customers, following Octane AI's quiz best practices to ensure optimal performance from the start.
  2. Strategic Placement: Place quizzes strategically throughout the customer journey, such as on product pages, in email flows, and on social media, to provide a clear call-to-action and make the customer's life easier.
  3. Tailored to Product: Customize the quiz to the specific product being launched, asking relevant questions that help guide customers to the best options for their needs. In the case of Jones Road, it is the Miracle Balm that is their key product in both sales and quiz strategy. 
  4. Ad Strategy: Consider the placement of quizzes within your ad strategy. For cold traffic, sending customers directly to a quiz may not perform well, as they may not be familiar with your brand. Instead, consider sending them to a landing page that provides information about your brand first, then directs them to the quiz, as Jones Road Beauty does.
  5. Social Media Integration: Leverage your social media presence to promote the quiz and engage with customers who have questions about shade recommendations or product fit.
  6. A/B Testing: Utilize Octane AI's A/B testing feature to optimize your quizzes. For cold traffic, consider shorter quizzes that capture email addresses, while warm traffic may be more willing to engage with longer quizzes and share more information.

This is the Octane AI quiz results page that helped contribute $5M in the past 30 days: 

jones road - results-1

Wrapping Up

Quizzes have proven to be a powerful tool for DTC brands looking to boost acquisition, increase sales, and provide personalized experiences for their customers.

By following best practices and strategically integrating quizzes throughout the customer journey, brands can achieve impressive results, as demonstrated by Jones Road Beauty's success.

With Octane AI's quiz platform and features like A/B testing, brands have the tools they need to create engaging, high-converting quizzes that drive business growth.

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