Introducing Dynamic Product Recommendations

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Do you have a product quiz on your store?

We’re so excited to announce a brand new feature — dynamic product recommendations — which makes it faster and easier than ever to create a quiz that recommends the right products to the right customers.

So what does “easier” mean?

In a nutshell, no more building dozens (or hundreds) of results pages!

 Let’s take a look at how it all works.


Feature description

Dynamic product results really transform the way you recommend products in your quiz by letting you determine up front which products should or should not be recommended to customers based on their quiz answers. Let’s compare this feature to the existing custom results functionality so you can understand why this matters. 

Today, the process of creating a product recommendation quiz looks something like this:

  1. Create quiz questions and answers.

  2. Create results pages for every product or group of products that you want to recommend.

  3. Add rules to the results pages to match each page to the specific answers provided by the customer. 

  4. Make any design tweaks you need to get the quiz looking great.

  5. Publish quiz!

With dynamic product recommendations, the process will look like this:

  1. Create quiz questions and answers.

  2. Decide which products, tags, or collections should or shouldn’t be recommended to a customer based on their answers. 

  3. Make any design tweaks you need to get the quiz looking great.

  4. Publish quiz!

This feature eliminates the need for multiple results pages and complex rules — in fact, there are only two results pages with this type of quiz. By defining what products, tags, or collections should be included or excluded from recommendations at the answer level, you can ensure that customers see products that are right for them at the end of the quiz, without needing to meticulously map out every path. 


Comparison to current quiz

Let’s compare the same type of quiz with our current, custom product results logic and our new dynamic product results.

My store is for Hogwarts alumni, like myself, who want to purchase swag related to our alma mater. We have a quiz that helps you find the right Hogwarts apparel for you.

Custom results

Here’s how the quiz looks with custom product results. I’m asking only two questions that impact my product results, but those two questions can lead to nine different results pages.

If we take a look at a results page, you can see the logic that defines who will see this results page and the exact product they will see. I have a few rules set up, and I’ve had to do something similar on all the other results pages.

This quiz works just fine, but every time I add a new product that might be interesting to my Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs, and Slytherins, I need to come back into the quiz to update the products on each results page. This quiz won’t grow with my store. 

Dynamic results

Now, let’s take a look at the same quiz with dynamic results. I have all the same questions, but just two results pages.

As I’m working on the quiz, I can take advantage of the tags and collections I’ve setup in Shopify to make the product recommendations better. 

I can also exclude products that I know won’t be a good fit for customers based on their answer.

I don’t need to do anything on the results page except specify how many products I want to show, out of the pool of products the customer is eligible to see based on their answers, and how they should be sorted. 

Something really amazing about this feature is that, when you choose to include or exclude products based on collection or tag, the quiz will update as your catalog grows without any additional work. When you tag a product or add it to a collection, it will be eligible to appear in the quiz (or not) based on the inclusions or exclusions you’ve set up.  


Creating a dynamic quiz

Our customer success manager, Mark Baek, shows you exactly how to build a new quiz using the dynamic product recommendations feature. 

HubSpot Video



Use cases

On the off chance that your store does not specialize in Hogwarts apparel, let’s walk through a few other use cases for dynamic product recommendations.


If you are an apparel store, you can use dynamic product recommendations to narrow down a wide variety of choices based on style, sizing, and clothing type. 

This will be especially useful for style finder quizzes, where you can choose to include multiple tags and collections that match the various styles shown in the images.


In the beauty industry, you could use dynamic product recommendations for helping customers find the right product for their skin type and skin concerns. 

This can work well in an educational quiz, where you can help customers learn more about themselves and narrow down the products they should see based on that learning. 

Food and drink

It’s just as important to not show the wrong products as it is to show the right products! If you sell food, drink, or other consumables, a dynamic quiz can help you quickly rule out products that your customers won’t like or that aren’t safe for them to consume. 

This can prove essential for any quizzes where you need to exclude allergens based on customer responses. With the current, custom quiz results setup, you’d have to create many different versions of a quiz results page to take allergens and taste into account.

While we know there are still use cases and situations where merchants will want the high degree of control offered by the current, custom quiz results settings, we are really excited about the flexibility and ease of use offered by dynamic product recommendations. If you are already an Octane AI customer, let us know how you’re using this feature to create new quizzes with personalized results that can grow alongside your store’s catalog!

And if you are still thinking about building a quiz,'s the time! Talk to our team to learn how this new feature combined with Octane AI's powerful platform can be a game-changer for your Shopify store.

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