Coming Soon: Train A.I. To Sell Products On Your Shopify Store

We are releasing an A.I. product that increases your Shopify revenue automatically.

Matt Schlicht (CEO of Octane AI)
July 6, 2022

Last month, we released an A.I. experiment called (our mascot). It uses artificial intelligence to write your marketing, website, and customer support copy for you. It was just a personal side project of mine, but it has been getting thousands of signups.

I'm excited to tell you that we have been working on a second A.I. product that is even more ambitious and does something completely different -- it increases your revenue automatically. We've been preparing for this new A.I. since 2016.

No matter if you are making $5k, $100k, or millions a month, this A.I. is designed to scale with you.

We will be releasing this new A.I. in the future as a major update directly into Octane AI. This new artificial intelligence can be added to your website, ask customers questions via a quiz, and instantly recommend the products each customer is most likely to purchase.

tldr: Your Octane AI quiz is becoming sentient.

The more people who interact with your A.I., the smarter it becomes and the more revenue it drives. It basically allows you to create the best salesperson your business will ever have.

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Believe it or not, we have actually been working on bringing you this A.I. since 2016, and it's finally coming out. Right now, only the biggest digital businesses in the world -- like Amazon, TikTok, and YouTube -- have access to A.I. We are working to change that. Our goal is to make A.I. tools available to all.

So why have we waited for so many years to release this A.I.?

For a very good reason. Let me explain.

Here is how A.I. works (a very simple explanation).

Imagine A.I. is like a brain that looks like a giant spreadsheet. In this spreadsheet, there are rows and rows of data. For example, imagine each row has what thoughts someone has when they walk into a store (what they are looking for, how much money they can spend, their preferences, etc.) as well as what products they ended up purchasing (the vanilla tobacco candle, perhaps).

Now imagine that this spreadsheet has thousands of these rows with thoughts and purchases from thousands of different customers from this specific store. The A.I. is now trained on a large amount of information. It knows when people go in with X thoughts they leave with Y products. The more data the A.I. has, the wiser it gets.

So now imagine someone new walks in the store and their thoughts are sent to the A.I. Here's where the magic happens. The A.I., trained by all its previous knowledge of what customers do, can automatically predict which products this new person is most likely to purchase.

Now even better! Imagine that these products the customer is most likely to purchase are then shown to the customer, so instead of them needing to browse the entire store, BAM -- they can buy these products right away.

This is a really high level example of how A.I. works, and this is exactly what Octane AI -- and the new A.I. we're adding to it -- does. It just does it on your website and not in the physical store.

The reason it has taken us years to release this A.I. is because data is the key to powering it. Before creating the A.I., we needed to first create a product that could automatically record your customers' thoughts when they walk through the virtual doors of your website. This needed to be an extremely delightful and effective experience that doesn't hinder the shopping experience, but improves every aspect of it.

We have achieved that. Octane AI is now the #1 quiz platform for Shopify brands. You can create stunning quizzes that collect customers' thoughts and recommend products they can buy immediately. This is the most beautiful tool to collect the data you need to power your own A.I., and we've perfected it.

The Shopify team even voted us as the #1 best storefront app, and they use us themselves (alongside thousands of other brands).

Now that we have created the best way to collect this type of data, we are so so excited to soon release the A.I. that goes with it. We believe this can change how a large part of the internet works, and we want you to be a part of it.

I think you're going to love this new A.I. I can't wait for you to have it.

- Matt Schlicht, CEO of Octane AI

p.s. The sooner you can get ahead of launching your Octane AI quiz, the more data you will have for your A.I. once we release it.

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