Instantly Sync Zero-Party Data To Attentive, Postscript, Omnisend, and more with Octane AI’s Newest Integration

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Increase conversion rates across your marketing channels by syncing opt-ins and leveraging Shop Quiz and pop-up data across more of your tech stack using Octane AI’s newest integration: Alloy Automation.

Alloy Automation is a powerful platform built specifically for ecommerce merchants to help you connect and share critical workflow data across your most used apps in the Shopify ecosystem like Attentive, Omnisend, Postscript, Gorgias, and more.

Through our new integration with Alloy, Octane AI users will be able to send the email and SMS opt-in contacts collected along with highly-valuable zero-party data (data your site visitors willingly share with you about their needs and preferences) to many more apps, thus amplifying the power and impact of using a Shop Quiz and Conversation Pop-Up. Zero-party data is the key to delivering more personalized experiences that lead to higher conversion rates and longer, deeper relationships with more of the people that visit your store.

Learn more about zero-party data in The Zero-Party Data Marketing Playbook for Supercharging Shopify & Shopify Plus Merchants

Here are just a few of the apps that Alloy Automation can help you sync Octane AI-generated opt-in contacts and zero-party data to:

So what does this actually look like from the perspective of an ecommerce merchant? 

Imagine you are a beauty brand. You are likely using a Shop Quiz or a Conversational Pop-up to ask your customers about what kind of skin they have, what products they are looking for, and collecting an email or phone number so you can market to them once they leave your website.

Now imagine you want to use this data in your SMS (or email) platform and send a personalized text message based on whether they said they have dry skin or oily skin. With Octane AI + Alloy, you can just send the contact + a custom property to your SMS platform, and then set up a flow in your SMS platform that sends two different welcome texts based on their answer to this important question!


The benefits are HUGE! Syncing this zero-party data allows you to dynamically personalize the subject lines, copy, images, and recommended products in your welcome series based on the answers each person gives when interacting with a conversational pop-up or with a quiz. This personalization increases the value and relevance of your communications, driving up open, click-through and conversion rates -- and ultimately revenue and LTV. 

Example Workflows

  • Sync contacts to Omnisend, Mailchimp or other email platform when you get a new email opt-in in Octane AI
  • Sync contacts to Attentive, Postscript, SMSBump or other SMS platform when you get a new SMS opt-in in Octane AI
  • Sync Shop Quiz or Conversational Pop-up answers to contact properties
  • Trigger a Slack message when a new event happens in Octane AI

Get started with the Octane AI + Alloy Integration

The new Alloy integration with Octane AI makes it easy to build personalized customer experiences using zero-party data collected through Shop Quiz and Conversational Pop-ups.

To see how our automation tools can help streamline and simplify your marketing workflow, schedule a demo today.

Want to get started collecting zero-party data and building a more personalized customer experience? Talk to our team, or install the app today and try it free for 14 days.

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