4 Announcements From Shopify's 2021 Partner Town Hall You Should Know

Katie Krische
February 2, 2021

Every year, Shopify hosts a kick-off town hall for all Shopify partners. During this event, they share the latest product updates and announcements for what's new and upcoming. This gives Shopify partners and merchants an inside scoop on what they can expect to see this year. 

And guess what—we watched the entire town hall and took notes on absolutely everything that's important for you to know. So, do you want the inside scoop on what Shopify is working on this year? Are you interested in being pre-prepared for these epic updates as they come? Of course you are!

Here we go!


1. New international pricing tools

Shopify's building tools will now make selling internationally easier, meaning customers will have a better view into their own currencies, taxes and shipping costs throughout the purchase process. These new tools are being released for merchants and partners in the next month. 



2. Local pick-up availability on product pages

On product detail pages, you can display whether the product is available for pick-up. What does this mean, exactly? Customers can input their address to view pick-up availability near them. This is currently available out-of-the-box on Shopify's Default theme. 


3. Polaris v6.0.0

Since releasing Polaris, Shopify has been collecting feedback on the limitations and benefits of Polaris. With that feedback, they're releasing a version 6.0.0 of Polaris for Shopify partners to use when building technologies. It's built for flexibility and faster performance with elegant assets. Polaris v6.0.0 is now available for all on polaris.shopify.com


4. New Payment Gateways

Shopify is focused on supporting more payment providers. On Shopify Wallet, they are working on adding ShopPay and PayPal support within the first half of this year. For payment gateways, Shopify is working on offering more support for BrainTree and PayPal Pro within the first half of this year. 


Get ready for Shopify Unite in the next few months!

Shopify has teased during this town hall that their major announcements will come during the Shopify Unite event in the second quarter of 2021 (still to be officially announced). Mark it in your calendars! This is when a lot of their exciting updates will be announced for all Shopify merchants and partners.

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