18 Klaviyo Experts to Follow on Twitter

Check out these Klaviyo experts on Twitter and get the inside scoop on how to increase open rates, click-throughs and step up your email marketing game.

Kaleigh Moore
April 14, 2022

The best way to learn something is to get advice from people in the trenches. Instead of scratching your head thinking of ways to maximize Klaviyo’s potential, check out these experts on Twitter and get the inside scoop on how to step up your email marketing game.

1. Aaron Orendorff (@AaronOrendorff)

Aaron Orendorff is the VP of Marketing at Common Thread Collective where he helps DTC brands grow, a Forbes Council Member, and previously he was the Editor in Chief at Shopify Plus. His Twitter account provides great advice on ecommerce, marketing, SEO, and everything else you need to know to nail your next email marketing campaign.

2. Alex McPeak (@almcpeak)

If you want to get the latest updates from Klaviyo, be sure to follow Alex McPeak, the company’s Content Strategist. Aside from keeping you up-to-date with company news, Alex also shares great email and SMS copy inspiration from successful brands.

3. Alicia Thomas (@thealiciathomas)

Alicia Thomas is an award-winning B2B marketer and the Head of Brand and Community at Postscript. Prior to that, she was a Senior Marketing Manager at Klaviyo. Alicia tweets SMS campaign ideas you’ll want to know about.

4. Andrew Faris (@andrewjfaris)

Andrew Faris is the CEO of 4x400, an ecommerce holding company operating five DTC brands. He’s also the host of The Ecommerce Playbook Podcast where he shares the real-life numbers, struggles, and everything in between when it comes to running multiple ecommerce businesses.

5. Chase Dimond (@ecomchasedimond)

Chase Dimond shares actionable email marketing tactics and guides geared toward driving engagement and revenue. Besides sharing knowledge through Twitter, he also has a weekly email marketing newsletter with more than 20,000 subscribers.

6. Dennard Crawford(@Dennardcrawford)

Dennard Crawford is a Klaviyo expert helping businesses make the most out of their email marketing efforts. Dennard shares actionable email marketing advice, out-of-the-box ideas for discount emails, popup tips, and much more.

7. Gina Perrelli (@EmailLikeAGi)

Gina Perrelli is the co-Founder and COO at Lunar Solar Group, which was launched in late 2018. She specializes in CPG DTC brands and believes in building scalable programs on email and SMS that grow with the business. Gina shares useful advice on welcome emails, A/B testing for popups, post-purchase flows, but also interesting trivia, such as the meaning of the name Klaviyo. 

8. Jacob Sappington (@jsappington)

Jacob Sappington is Partner at Homestead — a digital growth agency that helps ecommerce businesses scale. If you want to learn how to become a better email marketer, use signup forms, or discover the latest Klaviyo product updates, don’t hesitate to follow him. 

9. Joanne Coffey (@itsJoanneCoffey)

As Head of Retention at Aisling Organics, Joanne Coffey is a firm believer in clean beauty. If you’re on the lookout for email and SMS inspiration, you can find plenty of it if you follow Joanne. From her tweets, you can clearly see that she’s passionate about DTC, and you can pick up useful Klaviyo tips. 

10. Joseph (@ecom_joseph)

Joseph refers to himself as an email geek. He’s Klaviyo Agency Partner, and he helps entrepreneurs scale DTC ecommerce brands through Email Marketing. Joseph tweets about ecommerce and email marketing. Aside from his actionable threads, Joseph offers a free Klaviyo audit from time to time.

11. Lexie Bennett (@thelexiebennett)

If you need the inspiration to step up your email marketing game, you should follow Lexie. The first thing you’ll learn about Lexie is that she’s slightly obsessed with Klaviyo (it’s in her bio). Her goal is to create intentional emails for purposeful brands. From email design, copy, and testing, Lexie tweets and curates everything you need to know for a successful email marketing campaign.

12. Mandi Moshay (@MandiMoshay)

Mandi Moshay is the Director of Retention at Common Thread Collective. Mandi has spent the past decade managing retention marketing campaigns on both the brand side and at agencies. If you’re interested in deep-dive articles about email and SMS marketing, she’s actively contributing to the Common Thread Collective blog. If you’re more into quick, actionable tips, make sure to check her Twitter account.

13. Monica Grohne (@MonicaGrohne)

Monica Grohne is the Founder and CEO of Marea, a business dedicated to providing education, community, and whole health solutions to women in all phases of their hormonal lifecycle. Monica is also a Klaviyo Partner, helping brands thrive with email marketing. Aside from useful tweets, Monica also hosts email marketing support groups and has a free Klaviyo account setup guide.

14. Sandeep Bansal (@sandeepbansal)

Sandeep Bansal is the Chief Strategy Officer at Marketing Strategy Labs — an email marketing agency that helps companies grow their ecommerce business with automation. Sandeep shares tips and tricks on monthly digest newsletters, welcome flows, post-purchase flows, email frequency, A/B testing, and much more.

15. Stephanie Griffith (@QueenDTC)

Stephanie Griffith is an email marketer, Klaviyo, and Postscript certified partner and founder of Email Preview. From Klaviyo tips and great SMS examples to threads on how to ask your email subscribers to sign up for your SMS list — Stephanie’s Twitter account is an excellent source of inspiration for email and SMS marketing.

16. Val Geisler (@lovevalgeisler)

If you’re looking for data-driven advice for email campaigns that connect, convert, and stand out in a crowded inbox, you should follow Val Geisler. Val is a Customer Evangelist at Klaviyo with a ton of email marketing experience under her belt. She is strangely passionate about email, she says — especially for email copywriting and email marketing strategy. Aside from sharing her knowledge on Twitter, Val is also an event speaker. Let’s wrap up this list with three business accounts that are worth following:

17. Fuel Made (@fuelmade)

Fuel Made helps ecommerce companies grow through custom design and development, growth strategy, and email marketing. They are official ShopifyPlus and Klaviyo partners. Fuel Made shares great insights, ideas, and best practices for everyone looking to achieve growth through email marketing. They’ve also created an email inspiration page with lots of examples from their clients.

18. Klaviyo Growth (@KlaviyoGrowth)

Aside from their main company account, Klaviyo has another Twitter account where they share best practices, answers to FAQs, new product features, podcast episodes, and everything else to help Klaviyo users maximize the potential of their email marketing.


And there you have it, a list of Klaviyo experts that you can find on Twitter — all of them sharing great advice to help you fuel your business growth.


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