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Launch conversations with a new breed of intelligent opt-ins for email, SMS, and Messenger marketing.

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Start every relationship with the right message

Collect email, SMS and Messenger opt-ins through a variety of on-site pop-ups, features and off-site customer acquisition tools. Save data insights from every opt-in to customize customer lists based on buyer profiles. Use detailed data to personalize your marketing automation with every channel.

Welcome popup to collect opt-ins

Get to know every customer with pop-ups that start conversations

Created branded welcome and exit pop-ups triggered by visitor actions. Encourage new visitors to become subscribers. Follow up with customers at every stage of the buyer's journey to send value-added messages that encourage purchases.

Pop-up for Facebook Messenger

Offer instant support for customers directly on-site while still collecting opt-ins

Add a Facebook Messenger chat on every webpage of your Shopify store. Help customers shop with AI-driven conversations directly onsite. Every conversation becomes a marketing opt-in ready for retargeting.


"We love the pop-up and abandoned cart features that Octane AI offers. This has brought a huge boost to our overall revenue the past few months—we were surprised by the tremendous increase in revenue [$400k in 60 days]." 

Jay McArthur — Founder at Live Love Gameday 

Collect email, Messenger or SMS subscribers through engaging quizzes 

Collect opt-ins through an engaged, branded Shoppable Quiz on your site. Ask customers key questions to collect data to build buyer profiles. Reach out to customers through personalized messaging.

engaging quiz tools for marketing opt-ins

Encourage Messenger opt-ins where it suits your customers

Provide your site visitors the option to opt-in where it suits them. Display opt-in buttons on your product page, post-purchase confirmation page or any page on your Shopify or Shopify Plus site.

Messenger checkbox under add to cart button

Use advanced A/B testing with all tools to ensure the best results

Test your opt-in tools with advanced A/B testing to understand your best-performing conversion insights. Easily launch tests against different calls to action, images, placement, discounts, and more. Display only the highest-converting opt-in tools on your site.

A/B testing for marketing opt-in tools

Build a new relationship from every Facebook comment

Automatically send a message to everyone who comments on your Facebook posts and ads. Send your audience from Facebook to your Shopify store by running comment contests and sending personalized follow-up messages. 

Comment capture (1)-1

Integrate with Facebook Ads to amplify your revenue with the rest of Octane AI's features

Launch Messenger conversations by creating Facebook Ads featuring a Messenger call-to-action. Target ads using data collected through Octane AI, your Shopify apps, and Facebook Advertising. Collect emails and phone numbers that are pre-populated from Facebook in Messenger.

FB ad (2)-1

“The platform as a whole allows you to connect multiple elements, like the exit-intent pop-up and remarketing convos, to introduce real-time conversations that allow you to build effective nurturing campaigns.”

Jeremiah Curvers — Founder & CEO of Polysleep

Deeply integrated with Shopify and all your apps

Data shouldn’t be siloed. Octane AI is designed to work seamlessly with your email, subscription, customer support, and paid media platforms.

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