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Data on how to build trust, increase discoverability, and level up your customer experiences. 

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Ecommerce is shifting—will you seize the opportunity?

There’s a fight for consumers’ online attention, and our report shares the exact experiences customers expect from brands.


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“Through the data collected from 1,000+ consumers, it’s clear that brands that provide true differentiation and value through their online shopping experience will nurture customers for long-term gains.”

Mark Bergen

VP Partnerships & Sales, Shopify Plus

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"Our world is a whole new place post-pandemic and the ways in which consumers have changed are no different. What worked in 2019 just won’t fly anymore. There’s a new way of doing business these days and it is fully centered around your customers."

Val Geisler

Consumer Evangelist

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“Mission-driven brands are winning. The products we buy and use say something about who we are; therefore, consumers, especially Gen Z, are always looking for brands that align with their personal values.”

Rachel Cantor

Brew Recommendations Writer

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"Ecommerce brands who do newsletters—not just sales emails—will have a deeper brand-building foundation + the benefit of natural community-building when done right."

Maria West

Head of Content

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“Instagram and other social media platforms have incredible revenue-driving potential because of these findings—and it’s why influencer marketing is THRIVING right now. I think we’re still fairly early into the full potential of this new marketing medium.”

Kaleigh Moore

Freelance Writer, Forbes & Vogue Business Contributor


"Food and beverage delivery—especially in the wine space—has seen increased adoption considerably since the pandemic. I expect that trend to stay now that consumers are more aware of the possibilities and have generally been pleased by the exceptional service & quality of product that DTC brands can provide."

Jai Dolwani

VP of Growth

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