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Why use a Shop Quiz?

The Octane AI Shop Quiz can help you increase opt-in collection, collect zero-party data, improve site conversion, increase AOV, and more. It is a simple-to-use, yet powerful tool to offer conversational commerce on your ecommerce website, replicating the experience of an in-store consultation that leads to personalized product recommendations and experiences right on your site and via channels like Facebook Messenger and SMS. You can collect opt-ins along with buyer profile data, then use that data to power personalized experiences throughout the shopping journey, including in email (via our Klaviyo integration), with Facebook ads, and more. Octane AI is the only Shopify Plus certified app offering a quiz tool.

Why use Messenger Marketing?

With over 1.6B daily active users, Messenger has global reach. The crazy part? Only 40 million businesses are leveraging Messenger. Open rates on Messenger are consistently over 80% and with good reason. Facebook Messenger is where customers can actively engage. Over Messenger, brands can create interactive conversations that personalize recommending products, offering discounts, showing content, running campaigns, and more.

How are ecommerce brands using Messenger and SMS marketing?

Today, brands are constantly competing for their customers' attention. The brands who have prioritized Messenger and SMS as marketing channels have created a real-time personalized shopping experience resulting in an increase in their abandoned cart revenue 5x, reaching over 10,000 customers, and increasing average order value by over 25%. We've been lucky to worth with incredible brands like GoPro, CoverFX, and Warner Music Group.

How does Octane AI coordinate with my email marketing?

Shop Quizzes, Facebook Messenger marketing, and SMS are new channels to collect opt-ins and reach your customers that can seamlessly work alongside your email marketing flows. Customers subscribing through your Shop Quiz or to your Messenger subscriber list are separate from your email list and often prefer to receive updates through Messenger over email. By integrating with Klaviyo, you can create advanced segmenting and marketing flows through both email and Octane AI to reach customers more effectively.

How does this work with Facebook Ads?

If you're already running Facebook Ads, you can start running conversational ads with equal ad spend but higher conversion rates. By running conversational ads through Octane AI, Beekeeper's Naturals increased return on ad spend by 6X. The benefit to conversational ads is with every click, a conversation with your bot launches. This converts what would have been bounced ad traffic into Messenger subscribers so you can retarget them later.

How do I get Messenger subscribers?

We have a wide variety of opt-in tools on and off your ecommerce website that will help you grow your Messenger subscriber list. One of the top ways to increase your marketing subscribers on Email, SMS, or Messenger is by using an on-site Shop Quiz with Octane AI. You can also customize opt-in tools for your brand and customize the messages a customer receives when they opt-in. With conversational Facebook ads or opting in customers who comment on Facebook posts, you can find creative ways to grow your subscriber list. You can also integrate with other apps to grow your Messenger subscriber list.

Can I use Octane AI for customer support?

Definitely! You can use your Octane AI bot to automate answers to common customer questions. When customers use Messenger to inquire about company policies, their order, or products, you can set-up responses or redirect them to the right channel. Using artificial intelligence, you can train your bot to get smarter based on what customers are asking it. We also integrate with Gorgias and Re:amaze to create customer support tickets from Messenger.

What platforms do you integrate with?

We integrate with Facebook to send communications through Messenger and create conversational ads through Facebook Ads Manager. For ecommerce, we integrate with Shopify and Shopify Plus to create embedable Shop Quizzes, track revenue generated, add products to messages, or send flows through Messenger such as abandoned carts, browse abandonment messages, order confirmation, and shipping notifications.

We also have customers using Messenger marketing with other ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Demandware, WooCommerce and without an ecommerce integration.

What other apps you integrate with?

To increase the effectiveness of Octane AI, we are continually adding app integrations. We integrate with apps that can help you grow your marketing lists, send abandoned cart flows on subscription products, grow your referral program, send abandoned cart flows with product reviews, or create customer support tickets.

For example, integrating Octane AI with Klaviyo allows you to collect email subscribers through engaging Shop Quizzes or Messenger. You can then use Octane AI data in Klaviyo to better segment your email flows. This helps your customers get the right message, through the right channel, at the right time.

 Our app integrations include:

  • Klaviyo
  • Yotpo
  • Recharge
  • Privy
  • JustUno
  • PushOwl
  • Gorgias
  • Re:amaze
  • Smile
  • Yext
  • Dashbot Analytics
  • What help does Octane AI offer?

    We have a world class support team that replies on average under 5 minutes. Our team has wide expertise on Octane AI, Facebook, Facebook Ads, and Shopify or Shopify Plus. They can answer any questions as you set-up, learn how to use Octane AI, or how you can best use our features to execute any marketing ideas.

    We also have personalized onboarding packages to help you optimize your bot right from the start. To learn more about these services, contact our team here.

    What is the pricing?

    We have a wide range of plans designed to scale with your business and provide the tools you need at each stage of growth. These start at $29/mo, $199/mo, $499/mo and enterprise level pricing. Here is a full outline of each plan and pricing structure.

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