How Polysleep Built A Quiz That 6x'd Conversion Rate

See how mattress brand Polysleep leveraged zero-party data with Octane AI's quiz to completely transform customer experience and get a 6x improvement in conversion rates.

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Polysleep: The Background


Polysleep is a Canadian mattress company that prides itself on offering the best Canadian sleep products. 


Founded in 2016, the company is driven by the desire to provide the best possible sleeping experience. The brand is committed to creating sleep products supported by scientific facts and has received various awards and certifications for its mattresses, including being the most rewarded mattress brand and having the best mattress for back pain, best support, best mattress for side sleepers, best antimicrobial mattress, best overall mattress, and best mattress for heavy side sleepers. 


Polysleep's mattresses are designed to offer comfort, support, and antimicrobial properties, making them suitable for people with allergies. The company's unique support frame provides unparalleled support from edge to edge, and its open-cell foam allows air to flow and temperature to regulate, providing better and cooler sleep 


Questions: Understanding the Challenge


Polysleep was facing challenges matching customers with the right mattress as they expanded their product catalog. 

With more mattress options available, customers were becoming confused about which product would suit their needs best. 


This lack of personalized guidance was leading to poor customer satisfaction and lost sales opportunities.


In this conversation, we spoke with Polysleep’s Marketing Director and Head of Ecommerce, Jonathan Menard: 



Octane AI Quiz Implementation Process


Integrating Octane AI’s quiz into their website and sales funnel was a smooth process for Polysleep. 


While there were initial concerns about adoption rates, they found customers readily engaged with the quick and easy-to-understand quiz questions. 


Within just 4 hours, they had implemented an aesthetically pleasing quiz with strong logic to map quiz responses to appropriate mattress recommendations.


"The people the customers that use the quiz in the customer journey normally convert six time and plus more than other sessions that don't use the quiz." - Jonathan Menard, Marketing Director at Polysleep

The Customer Experience With The Octane AI Quiz


The quiz has significantly enhanced the shopping experience, providing customers clear and personalized guidance on finding their ideal mattress based on their sleep habits and preferences. 


Customer feedback highlights the quiz as a “game changer” that made the purchase decision much simpler in an otherwise confusing industry.

Impact on Sales and Engagement


Polysleep has seen conversion rates increase 6x for customers that complete the quiz versus those that do not. 


The high 60-70% quiz completion rate also allows them to capture customer emails and provide further personalized follow-up. This is far more effective as a lead gen tool than their normal email opt in, which captures around 10% of all impressions. 


The quiz has enabled personalization that has increased open and click rates for their welcome email flows by 15% and 5x respectively.


Polysleep Mattress Recommendation and Satisfaction


By capturing detailed customer sleep data through the quiz, Octane AI’s logic accurately matches over 95% of customers to one of Polysleep’s mattresses suited for their needs. This has led to noticeable improvements in customer satisfaction and fewer returns or complaints, which is huge for the operational costs and expenses of a large product like a mattress. 


Data Insights and Adjustments


Quiz data has provided rich insights into customer preferences that have informed decisions ranging from product development, inventory planning, and marketing campaigns. For example, identifying demand from overweight couples led to new mattress designs optimized for heavier body types.

Future Plans With The Quiz


Polysleep plans to continue refining and expanding the capabilities of its quiz to drive higher engagement and conversions. More advanced personalization based on individual quiz questions and integration with SMS are on the roadmap as they leverage zero-party data to enhance experiences.

Metrics for Success


Since implementing the quiz, Polysleep has seen tremendous growth that translates directly to revenue:

✅ 6x increase in conversion rate

✅ 15% lift in email open rates

✅ 5x higher email click rates

✅ Growth in items per order


These metrics confirm the quiz’s value in boosting sales and engagement. Quiz completion rates serve as their North Star metric to quantify impact and guide ongoing optimization efforts.


Marketing Lessons from Jonathan:

 For me, the way the quiz impacts conversion rate and consumer behavior is a complete game changer and it is why we focus so much on trying to include the quiz in many steps in the customer journey." - Jonathan Menard, Marketing Director at Polysleep


Competitive Research


Polysleep researched quizzes used by companies in other industries like cosmetics and technology to inspire their own quiz design. This allowed them to model best practices. There are helpful lessons to gather from various Ecommerce inspirations. 


Email Personalization


Instead of just swapping placeholders, they created entirely separate welcome email flows for each quiz persona result. This more advanced personalization led to major lift in engagement.


Mobile Optimization


After finding 80% of customers take the quiz on mobile, Polysleep optimized the UI for better mobile experience. This reduced drop-offs from poor design/visibility, and created a better overall quiz experience. 


Trust Building


By explaining the logic behind each mattress recommendation, they built trust and reassured customers they weren't just pushing expensive options. The trust and accuracy of the product recommendation is reflected in vastly improved conversion rates. 


Continuous Optimization


On a monthly basis, Polysleep analyzes quiz drop-off rates to identify challenging questions and tweak wording to increase completion rate. This discipline is key to the quiz's success. The main metrics that Jonathan focuses on are: 

  1. Number of shoppers taking the quiz - his goal is to get 2,000 quiz completions every week.  
  2. Percentage of quiz completion - Currently the quiz completion rate is 60-70%, which is a number that can continue to improve with the necessary testing and changes. 

The Takeaway: 


A true marketer at heart, Jonathan recommends every Ecommerce brand test the value of a quiz in their marketing strategy. With Octane AIs no code quiz builder, a quiz can be created and published in less than a day, and from there the data can determine the potential ROI and opportunity you can get from a quiz. 


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