How Jacked Up Fitness Increased AOV by 47% with Their Quiz

The Jacked Up Fitness quiz is an invaluable tool for selling products that can cost more than $5,000. Learn the strategy for guiding shoppers to the best product to increase their conversion rate and Average Order Value. 

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jacked up fitness

Jacked Up Fitness Brands sells high-end fitness equipment, specializing in Power Racks ranging from $800 to $5,000.

jacked up products

With expensive, highly-specialized products, consultative selling is key to matching customers to the right equipment.

Different than a $10 impulse-purchase, shoppers need to go through the whole buyer's journey in their path to completing a purchase. 

This creates the perfect environment to leverage a quiz: to learn more about the needs, goals, space-constraints of the customer, and recommend the right product. 

And for those shoppers that have more questions, they can book a demo at the end of the quiz. 

The quiz has been tremendously valuable for Jacked Up Fitness, generating 21% of Jacked Up Fitness' revenue, and increasing average order values by 47%.

Let's dig in to their quiz, and how they achieve these numbers. 


About Jacked Up Fitness

Jacked Up Fitness offers Power Racks as all-in-one home gym solutions.

Their equipment caters to fitness enthusiasts looking to upgrade their at-home workouts.

With prices ranging up to $5,000, customers want to ensure they purchase the perfect product for their needs.

The quiz is a primary focal point of the customer experience, with a call to action to take the quiz in the header navigation menu: 

jacked up fitness - nav menu


The Quiz

Jacked Up Fitness' interactive quiz helps customers find the right Power Rack by asking key questions.

Let's walk through the quiz, and understand how these contribute to the AOV lift and revenue growth. 

- Question:  Who will use the rack? 

This helps Jacked Up Fitness understand the end user, and identify the product that best suits the shoppers' needs:

jacked up - who will be using

- Question: How will you use the Power Rack? There are different racks for different needs -- general health and wellbeing, athletic performance, heavy lifting and more. This question helps match the equipment to the appropriate workout goals:

jacked up - how to use it

- Question: How much space is available? The Power Rack is a bulky piece of equipment, and spacing can be an issue. This question ensures that the racks fit room dimensions:

jacked up - space

- Question: What is your preferred style? This question gets at the appearance and aesthetic preferences of the customer. Even within the products that fit a certain workout goal or space restriction, this is a helpful question to narrow down specific product recommendations:

jakced up - machine style

- Question: What is your pulley preference? Again, narrowing down the product recommendation based on the preference of pulley strength and design, this question can specify the right equipment for the customer preference: 

jacked up - pulley ratio


Overall, the quiz takes 2 minutes to complete.

And at the end, customers receive personalized product recommendations matching their needs and preferences.  

Here are the final results after taking the quiz: 

jacked up - recommendation

Results of The Jacked Up Fitness Quiz

Since implementing the Octane AI quiz, Jacked Up Fitness has seen tremendous growth and revenue as a result of adding a quiz to their site:

✅ 21% of revenue generated from customers who took the quiz. 

✅ 47% increase in Average Order Value. Quiz customers spend $3,615 on average (compared to $2,467 who did not take the quiz)


The highly consultative quiz qualifies leads, matches them with appropriate products, and increases confidence in buying high-ticket equipment.


Areas To Test

These are fantastic results to see.

But as a marketer, we are always looking for ways to optimize, improve or test the quiz strategy. 

Here are a few ideas on how Jacked Up Fitness could increase the performance of their quiz.


Test #1: Drive More Quiz Leads With Paid Ads


Jacked Up Fitness currently drives quiz traffic through on-site promotions, mainly the header navigation that is on each page. 

However, paid ads could significantly scale high-quality lead flow to their customized quiz experience. 

For example, it is easy to do back-of-the-envelope math on how a paid ads campaign with a $5 cost per click and a 5% conversion rate would provide tremendous ROI.

Let's assume some general numbers: 

- $5 cost per click to get a site visitor

- 5% conversion rate from clicks to leads (this is near the actual conversion rate of Jacked Up Fitness)

- Average order value of $3,500 (using the AOV of those who take the quiz)

- $100 in ad spend to generate a $3,500 sale.

For every 20 people that land on the site from an ad, one will purchase. And that's just the start of the campaign.

Lots of room to test and optimize from there. 

Those are fantastic metrics that would make a performance marketer salivate. 

Here are a few ideas of campaigns to run: 

- Testing various copy and video creative to get more fitness-focused audiences into the quiz would be a good place to start. 

- Remarketing to audiences that visited the site but did not purchase.

- Abandoned Cart emails to those that didn't purchase. But because Jacked Up Fitness has the zero party data of the customer, they can create highly targeted campaigns to speak specifically to the shopper's needs. 

Fitness brand V Shred centers their marketing strategy around their quiz, leveraging paid ads like the one below to get lots of traffic into their quiz funnel: 

vshred - quiz

The quiz funnel looks something like this: 
1.  The influencer pitch is focused on a “body type” quiz to match users to customized programs.

2. Link directly to the quiz.

3. Strong offer of totally free personal recommendations based on quiz data.


This could be replicated for a Power Rack quiz.

Here are a few quick ideas on a quiz for Jacked Up Fitness to generate traffic from ads: 

- Goal-setting quiz: Ask questions to understand the customer's fitness goals, space constraints, budget, etc. and recommend equipment to help them achieve their goals.
- Usage quiz: Ask how often they plan to use the equipment, what types of exercises, number of users, etc. to match with the right product specs and features.
- Style quiz: Show images of equipment in different styles (modern, industrial, sleek, etc.) and have customers select their preferred aesthetic.
- Compatibility quiz: Ask questions about other equipment they already own to ensure compatibility and integration.
- Assessment quiz: Have customers input their current fitness levels, health stats, etc. and make personalized recommendations for equipment that will provide an optimal workout.


Test Idea #2: Partner With Paid Influencers and Run Ads

Fitness influencer partnerships would also drive engaged users.

V Shred also runs quiz promotions through influencer channels, like this campaign with Taylor Wilson:  

vshred - partner with influencers

The benefit of this is the embedded trust of the influencer, with the brand's ad budget to get impressions to the ad. 

It is a similar quiz funnel to above, but created by the creator, specifically for the creator's audience. 

Jacked Up Fitness could find fitness or home-gym influencers and create content together to send traffic to the quiz. 

Some ideas for a quiz could be :

- Home Gym Match Quiz - Influencers encourage followers to take a quiz to find the perfect at-home gym equipment to fit their space, budget and fitness level.
- Workout Personality Quiz - Position a "workout personality" quiz to match followers to the type of exercise routines and equipment that suits their habits and preferences.
- Supplement Quiz - Influencers drive traffic to a quiz helping determine which supplements and protein powders provide the right nutrients based on lifestyle factors. This could be a great partnership with a supplements Ecommerce brand as well. 
- Fitness Level Quiz - Influencers promote a quiz to assess cardio, strength and flexibility in order to benchmark fitness and tailor recommendations to reach goals.


Test Idea #3: Capture Leads

For high Average Order Value purchases like Power Racks, consultative selling is vital.

Jacked Up Fitness could test their quiz to capture lead contact info like emails or phone numbers. 

Right now there is no contact added, which may be a strategic decision. 

In testing an email capture vs. no email capture, the brand would look at overall revenue from the quiz that does not include an email/SMS capture, against the quiz takers that have been through a version that does capture an email/SMS. 

Which segment has a higher revenue? 

For the segment that gave an email, you would have to set a time frame and attribution for how the emails/SMS contributed to revenue, and that could be considered part of the quiz revenue. 

Captured lead info allows for further personalization and follow up throughout the buyer’s journey.

For a $3,500 purchase decision, customers often have follow-up questions or specific needs.

Capturing emails or phone numbers enables Jacked Up Fitness to:

- Directly answer additional customer questions

- Provide detailed information catered to the lead’s requirements  

- Tailor pricing and promotions based on lead data

- Remind leads who left the buying funnel and recover abandoned carts

- Develop personalized post-purchase recommendations 

Quizzes anonymously match customers to products.

But complex, high-consideration purchases require a conversation with sales reps.  

By incentivizing lead capture in their quiz, Jacked Up Fitness could potentially lift conversions and long-term customer lifetime value.

Email and SMS contacts enable personalized selling - potentially a must-have for moving $800-$5,000 leads down the funnel.


Wrapping Up

Interactive quizzes add tremendous value when selling complex, customizable products.

Seeing that Jacked Up Fitness generates 21% of its revenue from a quiz is a testament to the power of a quiz funnel. 

For fitness equipment or other considered purchases, quizzes lift conversions and order values by providing personalized recommendations.

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