How Doe Lashes 3Xed Their Email Opt-ins

Using Octane AI to power a "find the best lash for you" quiz, Doe Lashes was able to engage with and convert more site visitors.

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With the recent changes in data privacy and advertising, many brands have put even more emphasis on their owned marketing channels, particularly email marketing.

One of those brands is Doe Lashes.

Doe is a beauty brand that believes makeup should be an extension of your natural beauty. They craft the perfect pair of lashes that combine the gentleness of Korean silk hair with the weightlessness of fresh cotton bands.

To gain an edge over other brands’ generic emails and customers’ crowded inboxes, Doe Lashes started to collect and leverage zero-party data on their Klaviyo email marketing campaigns.

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Their Challenge: Grow Revenue from Email Marketing


Doe Lashes’ focus on email marketing has been critical to their success. They use Klaviyo to send every email — cart abandonment, welcome series, post-purchase and more. They were quickly trying to think of ways that they could increase revenue through this channel, while providing a more personal customer experience.

That’s when they implemented an embedded Octane AI Shop Quiz on their Shopify store, called the Lash Quiz.

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The Solution: Use a Lash Quiz to Learn About Customers and Supercharge Email


With the quiz, Doe Lashes is able to ask questions to site visitors, collect zero-party data (valuable data that a customer directly and voluntarily shares with a brand) and leverage it for deep email segmentation and personalization.

Doe Lashes launched their Shop Quiz by including it on their top navigation. This makes the quiz easily discoverable for all visitors. Within 30 days, 79% of people who view the quiz press start. 

From the Shop Quiz results pages, 4.6% of quiz takers convert to purchase. With an 11% higher AOV for quiz takers versus regular customers, the Shop Quiz does more than collect data — it provides customers with a fun experience that helps them convert and buy more in the process.

“One of the best parts about Octane AI’s Shop Quiz is the ability to tag our customers within Klaviyo to create different segments that we can in turn build new automated drip campaigns and personalize our messaging towards.”

- Jacob Sappington




-   Doe Lashes collected 3x more email opt-ins than their on-site pop-ups.

-   Doe Lashes has seen over 44% of new email subscribers driven from their Shop Quiz.

-   With a call to action in their tip navigation menu, Doe Lashes sees 24% of all their revenue come through their Shop Quiz

The Advanced Zero-Party Data Insights Doe Lashes Gained 


After launching their Shop Quiz, Doe Lashes quickly discovered new insights from the zero-party data collected from customers. 

What they didn’t expect was that over 35% of quiz takers haven’t worn lashes before! 


The Doe Lashes team had always assumed most customers were experienced with eyelashes. That’s why their team was so surprised to learn that one third of site visitors had never bought or worn lashes before! With this information, Doe Lashes was able to create a whole new lash education sequence via email and on their website, which dramatically helped them connect and convert site visitors into customers.

All of this from a single zero-party data point!

Think about the kind of insights you could gain about your business if you had more zero-party data on hand. And with that in mind, if you want to learn more about Zero-Party Data Marketing, download our playbook

Today, whenever Doe Lashes collects an email from the quiz and the person has never worn false lashes, an education-focused email flow is triggered. 

This helps educate those new to lashes, warming them up to purchase and building a stronger relationship with Doe Lashes. 

“One really incredible takeaway is that the Octane AI Quiz has allowed us to learn a key insight about our prospective customer that is informing a lot of our future customer acquisition strategy. We are seeing that over 35% of quiz takers have NEVER worn false eyelashes before. This is new information to us and shows that much of our new customers are experiencing false eyelashes for the very first time. We can lean into this insight and become a trusted source of education and information for a more timid, less-informed customer with the ultimate goal of Doe Lashes being their first and only lash brand.”

- Jacob Sappington


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