How CYSM Lifted Revenue by 57% in 60 Days

Using a full zero-party data strategy powered by Octane AI, CYSM was able to engage with more customers and build personalized relationships. 

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Have you heard of zero-party data before? CYSM hadn’t either, but they are glad they did. You'll see why in a few. 

CYSM is a Colombia-based apparel brand that’s all about making women feel comfortable, confident and sexy all at once—without sacrificing their health. Specializing in shapewear, CYSM offers styles for a variety of purposes, including to enhance curves, to support workouts and for after medical procedures.


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Their Challenge: Engage with Customers via Owned Channels


CYSM, like many other brands, found it difficult to interact with customers on their social networks. They wanted to increase engagement by making the conversations more meaningful and personal.

In order to drive more conversations (and conversions), CYSM decided to start getting to know their customers better. 

And what better way to do that than asking questions directly to customers? 

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The Solution: Personalize Conversations with Zero-Party Data 


CYSM built engagement in a short period of time by implementing a "Fit Finder" Shop Quiz to collect zero-party data from site visitors.

CYSM has a large product catalog featuring many different lines of shapers (over 50 styles). To ensure customers find the right product for their needs, they designed their quiz to guide customers to each product line and find the right fit while storing the zero-party data and opt-ins collected. 

The data about each customer is saved and creates their individual “buyer profile,” which is then used to personalized all communications with each specific customer.

In 2 months CYSM saw a 10% conversion rate to purchase for quiz takers and a 44% opt-in rate during the quiz to receive marketing emails.

The CYSM quiz collects rich information from customers, which CYSM leverages to create personalized flows through Klaviyo that convert better.

Using pop-ups, Facebook Messenger and SMS, the brand also has generated consistent engagement on their owned marketing channels with minimal effort.

We have several product lines that are for different needs. We exposed the different types in our quiz, which has allowed us to really know what people are looking for in an interactive and direct way.

Mariela Veladez, Retail Designer at CYSM


Overall, CYSM more than doubled its revenue following this zero-party data strategy:

  1. Deploy a Shop Quiz to collect zero-party data and provide accurate product recommendations
  2. Analyze the zero-party data to create buyer profiles 
  3. Use the buyer profiles in Klaviyo to personalize email flows
  4. Adopt a Facebook Messenger strategy to continue having personalized conversations
  5. Add SMS to the mix to improve the customer experience with shopping updates 

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 57% lift in ecommerce revenue over a 60 day period

 50,000 marketing opt-ins collected for email, SMS and Facebook Messenger

 21,000 zero-party data-points collected by asking customers only five 5 questions

-   71x return on investment from the Octane AI platform

“Compared to last year, we have increased our numbers considerably. Our orders via Octane AI have practically doubled since we started using the app and got to prove more of its tools. We are certain that the constant updates and features released have helped us reach these results."

Mariela Veladez, Retail Designer at CYSM


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