How Blanqi's Style-Finder Quiz Delivers a Revolutionary Customer Experience For Modern Moms

The Blanqi quiz provides a personalized and customized shopping experience for the most important phase of a person's life. 

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How do you recommend the right product, and size, to a customer that has constantly shifting needs?

This is the challenge that Blanqi faced.

And a perfect challenge for an interactive quiz to tackle–in recommending product, size, style, personalized education and communication.

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Blanqi offers seamless, lightweight and luxe clothing designed to support new mothers during pregnancy and postpartum.

Blanqi is uniquely positioned in that their target market requires tailored communications and product recommendations for two very distinct audiences - pregnant women and postpartum/breastfeeding women.  

"We don't have the ability to know if someone is pregnant and in need of maternity clothing or if they’re postpartum and need postpartum and breastfeeding clothing,” states Head of Customer Care, Nancy Murphy.

While this could pose many challenges - after all, lacking these key data points would inevitably hamper relevance and conversion rates given the vastly different requirements and needs of Blanqi’s target customers - Blanqi decided to pursue 

This is the perfect opportunity to leverage a quiz for data capture and lead generation.

Blanqi’s Style-Finder quiz aims to help pair customers with the best Blanqi product based on their unique needs.

Customers specify whether they are pregnant or postpartum, which trimester they are in, body type, key physical challenges and pain points and the type of support they are seeking.

These data points allow Blanqi to capture Zero Party Data around these individual preferences and tailor experiences 1:1 via Octane AI’s native Klaviyo integration.

Not only does this help them differentiate messaging, but it provides targeted product suggestions and support between these distinct pools.

Murphy continues,  "What's unique about Blanqi is that we have two completely different needs and life stages where someone's either pregnant or they're not."

Even so, that hasn’t stopped Blanqi from finding a way to support the unique needs of their customers during a physical journey that can be anything but comfortable. 


A Deep Dive Into Blanqi’s Style-Finder Quiz

To resolve these personalization and segmentation gaps, Blanqi adopted Octane AI's quiz platform as an invaluable source of Zero Party Data.

Murphy noted that implementing the quizzes enabled Blanqi to finally "have that personalization and be able to really pull segments" for customization.

Blanqi’s customized in-depth quizzes ask niche questions around due date, current trimester, body changes, lifestyle and pain points.

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Murphy continues, “With the quiz we are able to capture exactly what our Blanqi girl needs - and then we’re able to give them very specific problem solving products right through that.”


These insights empower Blanqi to serve their customers with ultra-targeted content and product suggestions.

For example, women experiencing swelling might receive recommendations for leggings offering graduated compression.  

A woman earlier in her pregnancy might seek Blanqi’s Maternity Belly Support Leggings that offer a responsive belly panel that ensures fit as the body changes with the growth of the baby.

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The quiz also incorporates feedback loops to continually refine recommendations based on purchase behavior.

Operationally, Blanqi focuses on tight integration across technology systems to enable unified data collection and activation.

As Murphy explains, this powers unified data activation: "We have our quiz actually fall under customer care” because Blanqi sees this Zero Party Data as essential to growth.

This seamless approach combining the quiz with CRM systems like Kustomer, provides tremendous value according to Customer Care leadership.

With a holistic view of each woman augmented by Octane AI's Zero Party Data, Blanqi can send segmented email campaigns based on trimester and postpartum stage while customer service reps reference quiz results during conversations for greater personalization.

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As a result, Blanqi has experienced explosive revenue growth, higher conversions and lower returns. With clear segmentation between pregnant versus postpartum shoppers, Octane AI’s quiz has been invaluable for reducing returns and driving repeat purchases.


The Quiz Results: Clear Segmentation, Greater Personalization, Explosive Growth

The results from implementing Octane AI’s conversational quiz funnels have been transformational.

By providing unmatched personalization capabilities, the quizzes have enabled Blanqi to revolutionize the customer experience and unlock exponential gains across key business metrics.

According to Murphy, “The average order value is way higher for somebody that takes the quiz over somebody who's on just purchasing.”

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She also emphasizes that tailored product matching helped profitability by reducing returns.

"You have more girls who are getting products that's exactly what they need in the size that they need. So when they try it on, they're like, ‘Wow, I love this and they're keeping it.’"

Sizing is especially challenging for pregnant women, as bodies can change quickly, and perceptions of size can vary even within women who are at the same stage in pregnancy.

This deep personalization and matching enabled by the quiz delivers outstanding business impact in 3 key areas:


Higher Lifetime Value - By providing product recommendations tailored to each woman's needs and stage of pregnancy, average order value (AOV) is notably higher for quiz takers. The improved matching also cultivates loyalty, with higher repeat purchase rates compared to one-and-done shoppers.

Lower Return Rates - The quiz has been "invaluable at reducing my exchange and return rate dramatically" credited Murphy. By dialing in sizing and preferences, customers keep more items rather than returning ill-fitting pieces. This significantly helps profit margins.

Expanded Revenue - Beyond direct sales, Blanqi has seen explosive growth in owned channels thanks to Zero Party Data from the quizzes.
Ultimately, the proprietary questions diagnose the most relevant opportunities for each woman while advanced algorithms serve bespoke product recommendations aligned to her needs and style.


By eliminating guesswork, the quiz funnels foster higher conversion and lifetime value.

As Nancy Murphy emphasizes: "Everything that comes from it is just useful."

The platform's ease-of-use, integrations and exceptional support have enabled Blanqi to scale the innovative use of quizzes across marketing, product development and customer retention. 


Key Takeaways: Customer Intelligence Drives Growth

The immense success from Blanqi's deployment of Octane AI's leading-edge quiz funnels provides key insights for any ecommerce brand struggling with segmentation and personalization.

Unlike other technologies, Octane AI requires no elaborate development resources. The built-in integrations with tools like Klaviyo and Kustomer empower unique data activation opportunities to unify and enhance the customer experience.

Blanqi's success in using quizzes and the data they generate for customer-centric growth reinforces 3 key applications for quality data acquisition:


1. Build 360-Degree Customer Profiles - The Zero Party Data captures granular customer intelligence from style preferences to pain points during pregnancy. This highlights high-potential opportunities to serve personalization.

2. Optimize Campaign Execution - With details on customer condition and trimester, Blanqi now segments audiences for more timely, targeted campaigns that speak directly to each woman's current needs. Open and conversion rates have seen great improvement thanks to the relevant outreach.

3. Galvanize Innovation - Product developers reference the data to identify common complaints or requests. This user-generated feedback has led Blanqi to fast-track new bras for larger busts along with more dress options as top demands from quiz takers.

As the extraordinary growth in email revenue, customer lifetime value and profit margins prove, Octane AI's quiz funnels can transform not only the customer experience but the entire commercial engine for brands when leveraged creatively across the organization.

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