How Bariatric Fusion Increased Email Opt-ins by 16x with a Quiz 

Using Octane AI, Bariatric Fusion collects more email opt-ins and provides accurate product recommendations that help convert site visitors into loyal customers.

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Bariatric Fusion is a globally recognized nutritional supplements provider. Their sole focus is to ensure that patients who have undergone weight loss surgery receive optimal amounts of the right products. That’s serious business. 

So how can they provide the right products without knowing more about who’s on the other side of the screen?

That’s just it, they couldn’t. 

We’ll dive into the quiz strategy Bariatric Fusion implemented to collect more zero-party data, increase email opt-ins and provide accurate product recommendations.


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Their Challenge: Help Customers Find the Right Products, While Collecting Data


With a wide range of health supplements for purchasers who have undergone different surgeries, have different preferences and lifestyles, Bariatric Fusion wanted to provide a way to guide new visitors to purchase products. 

They needed to learn about their customers, and by now, you should know there is no better way to do that than asking questions directly to site visitors and collecting their zero-party data


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The Solution: Implement an Interactive and Helpful On-Site Experience


Bariatric Fusion chose Octane AI’s Shop Quiz as the solution to their challenge. The quiz enables them to understand their customers by collecting answers that will later be used for deep product recommendations, segmentation and personalization. By including opt-ins for email with an offer during the quiz, Bariatric is able to pair any answers chosen to the emails collected -- and can we just say they collected 16x more emails via the Shop Quiz than ever before?

This duo of email opt-in + specific customer information allows them to transform the level of personalization in their marketing.



Within 30 days, Bariatric's “Not Sure Which Vitamin Is Right For You?” quiz has seen a 44% completion rate from those who press start and 15.1% of quiz users convert to purchase

As you can tell, an on-site quiz does more than collect zero-party data – it provides customers with a fun experience that helps them convert. 


“If you are presenting your customers multiple options or different use products, this is a great way to remove confusion from the shopping experience and help them customize their purchase to their own preferences.”

Zach Niemiec, Director of Admin Services at Bariatric Fusion


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-    Bariatric Fusion collects 16X more emails through the quiz

-    65.4% of visitors take their homepage quiz

-    There is a 15.1% conversion rate from the quiz results page to purchase


“Octane AI allows us to offer more customizable options to our customers, as well as have a better way to communicate with more targeted groups of customers. Octane made it easy to track the power of our social media presence as well.”
Zach Niemiec, Director of Admin Services at Bariatric Fusion


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