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Train your own A.I. Sell more.

Octane AI is releasing artificial intelligence that automatically recommends the products each customer is most likely to purchase based on customer quiz data.

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Customers take a quiz on your website. A.I. shows the products they will most likely purchase. This is a huge evolution to product quizzes.


The more data you collect with your quiz, the smarter your A.I. gets, and the more your revenue increases.


Easy implementation for any brand, of any size, without any need to touch code or hire data scientists.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Octane AI's new quiz A.I.?

As an ecommerce brand, you likely offer multiple products, and you even offer hundreds or thousands of products. How do you show customers the products they want to buy as efficiently and quickly as possible? That is what this A.I. does. Every time a customer browses your website and takes your quiz, the A.I. saves all of this information and uses it to predict which products each specific customer is most likely to purchase. This is the same type of technology that TikTok uses to determine which viral video to show you next, or what Amazon uses to determine which product to show on their home page that will make you hit the "buy now" button.

How does the A.I. work?

The A.I. tracks many different types of data, ranging from where the customer is browsing, their device, their quiz answers, and what products they purchase. When your A.I. has collected a lot of data like this on many different customers, it creates a trained A.I. model for your brand. This trained A.I. can be given data about a specific customer and then predict which products they are likely to purchase. The more data your A.I. is trained with, the more accurate the predictions.

What are the benefits of the A.I.?

If you have a physical retail store, you hire someone to work there, talk to customers, and recommend products. For your website, you need the ability to do this for a much larger volume of people, potentially at the exact same time. A.I. is the only scalable way to intelligently and quickly help each customer on an individual level, and the A.I. will become smarter than any human you could ever hire.

What size of brand can use the A.I.?

The more data your A.I. can be trained on the better the A.I. will be at predicting which products customers are most likely to purchase. We are developing the A.I. to be useful for stores of any size, including those just starting (and the A.I. can grow with you), but stores processing at least hundreds of orders a month will be able to build the most powerful A.I. models.

How do you implement the A.I. into a website?

Implementation is very straightforward and requires no technical knowledge. The first step is adding an Octane AI quiz to your website, this allows you to start collecting data you can use to automatically train your A.I. Once you have collected a data from a few hundred customers your A.I. will take over product recommendations in the quiz and will rapidly improve based on continued data collection. Note: The sooner you launch an Octane AI quiz the more data you will have when the A.I. is released and you are taken off the waitlist.

What if I already have an Octane AI quiz?

Perfect! You are already collecting amazing data that your A.I. will be able to use once we release it. Keep getting more people to take your quiz!