How Miracle Mink Hair Made Six Figures in 30 Days with a Conversational Pop-up

Miracle Mink Hair lifted revenue by 27% with Octane AI by helping customers find the right products through new interactive website experiences. 

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Founded by success coach Shashicka Tyre-Hill, Miracle Mink Hair provides all-natural and organic hair and skincare products that help solve hair growth and skin issues. Facing alopecia herself, Shashicka set out to develop products that would let people’s hair grow naturally and without harsh chemicals, ultimately decreasing bald spots, alopecia, thinning hair and other hair issues.

Shashicka is helping customers regain confidence in their beauty, but first she needed to help them be confident in their purchases. 


The Challenge: Help Customers Find the Right Hair Care Regime 


What product should I use? What's the best product for my hair condition? What type of serum, shampoo and conditioner is right for me? Those were the questions most new Miracle Mink customers would ask customer support on a daily basis. 

β€œI knew I wanted a quiz that would lead our clients in the right direction. So, I did some research and I found that Octane AI had what I needed and more to solve my issues. Originally, I thought that we would only be doing quizzes, but once Erica, our account manager, started introducing us to other features, we began seeing the impact Octane AI would have in our business.β€œ
- Shashicka Tyre-Hill, Founder and CEO of Miracle Mink Hair


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Miracle Mink Hair started using Octane AI with the simple goal of making the shopping experience better, but little did they know it would turn into a major revenue driver. In January, Octane AI represented 27% of Miracle Mink Hair's overall revenue.

Let's see how! 


The Solution: A Quiz and Something Else...


Miracle Mink Hair's quiz provides a great consultative experience for each new site visitor entering Miracle Mink's website. It matches customers with the right products and gives them the confidence needed to make a purchase. 

β€œWhen our quiz first launched, we started seeing a huge difference. Our consumers were quick to accept the change and it started driving revenue in a matter of hours.β€œ
- Shashicka Tyre-Hill, Founder and CEO of Miracle Mink Hair


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The quiz addressed Shashicka's main goal of helping customers from the get-go understand what product matched their hair concerns. What she didn't expect was that a new Octane AI feature, a Conversational Pop-up, would drive $154,000 in revenue in one month. 


What's a Conversational-Pop-Up? 


Created by Octane AI, this new type of pop-up can be seen as a mini-quiz. It helps drive more conversions, more opt-ins AND collects invaluable zero-party data.

Instead of a traditional pop-up that disrupts the user experience and gives little value to the consumer, a conversational pop-up provides immediate value by: giving an offer, recommending a product, and allowing consumers to add to cart β€” all from a single pop-up! 

Still not sure what it is? Take a look at Miracle Mink's conversational pop-up.πŸ‘‡


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Step 1: Just as in a traditional pop-up, you entice customers with a reward to go through the pop-up funnel. The difference here? On that same screen, you ask them a key question: "What are you shopping for?" Now you have a vital piece of zero-party data that will help you personalize the experience of that customer.

Step 2:  You collect an opt-in (email or phone number) to share the offer code or discount β€” and more importantly, to build and nurture a relationship with the customer via owned channels.

Step 3: You give product recommendations based on the customers' initial answer and enable them to add to cart directly from the pop-up.

The Miracle Mink Hair conversational pop-up was used for exit intent, triggered only when people are about to leave the website. It's mind-blowing to imagine that this one interactive experience is responsible for bringing in near $1M in added revenue within six months! 




Let's review the results Miracle Mink Hair achieved with Octane AI: 

-    $154,000 made with a conversational pop-up in one month (Jan-Feb 2022), with 6-month revenue nearing 1M. 

-    38,000 zero-party data points collected in a month with a conversational pop-up and quiz. 

-    58,000 emails collected with the conversational pop-up and quiz.

-    83% of site visitors who start the quiz complete it.

-    61% completion rate of the conversational pop-up

-    11.5% conversational pop-up conversion rate (one in ten people who start the pop-up makes a purchase).


β€œ Zero-party data is phenomenal. Our customer care team now directs customers to our quiz so we can gain more insights about them. This also helps us recognize their patterns and preferences.β€œ
Shashicka Tyre-Hill, Founder and CEO of Miracle Mink Hair


If you want a deep dive on zero-party data, you can also check out our zero-party data marketing playbook.


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