Which of the following would help you make a purchasing decision: a personalized recommendation based on the information you shared with a business or a recommendation based on guesswork? The obvious answer is the former. 

More ecommerce brands are building quizzes on their website because of the ability to collect detailed customer profile data and personalize the buyer’s journey. Online quizzes are a great way to connect with your customers and keep them engaged long-term. 

The truth is, 59% of customers say that personalization influences their shopping decision, and 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them. An online quiz software can help your business solve the problem of offering this personalization. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at 10 ecommerce quizzes to give you inspiration on what a quiz could look like for your brand! 

1. Spongelle: Fragrance Quiz

Example of Spongelle's quiz results page


Spongelle is a personal care company that specializes in body wash-infused buffers. These buffers are an all-in-one beauty treatment, offering 5+ and 30+ uses for men, women and children. Known for their fragrance blends, Spongelle created a quiz to recommend the best fragrance.


Sample question from Spongelle's quiz

In their quiz, they ask customers about the types of fragrances they like best, what level of exfoliation they’re looking for, and where they would use the buffer sponge (such as in the shower or bath). These questions help Spongelle match customers with the perfect product from their catalog. The images in their quiz show off the variety of products and scents available to customers.


Example of a quiz question from Spongelle's quiz


The entire quiz consists of six or less questions, depending on the journey a customer takes. The purpose of a short quiz is to avoid drop-off rates, and to give customers a quicker product recommendation. 

Want to try Spongelle’s quiz? Take it here


2. Doe Lashes: Find your Lash

Doe lashes start quiz screen

To see a beautifully branded quiz, Check out Doe Lashes: a beauty brand that specializes in temporary lashes. They start their quiz with a pun in their copy by introducing visitors with “Hey deer.” They’ve also designed images for a variety of their quiz questions to help customers visualize what answers they should choose throughout the journey. 


Example of a question from Doe Lashes quiz


Every question in the quiz is meant to understand a customer’s eye shape and preferred lash style to recommend the best lash match. Beyond eye shape, Doe Lashes also asks quiz users how bold they want their eyelashes to be and how often they wear them. As a fun question to help determine a customer’s age-range, they also ask about their preferred TV show from when they were children.


Example of a question asking what cartoon you liked best as a kid


Using this quiz, Doe Lashes was able to increase their email signups by 3X, and they also discovered an entire segment of their customers that had never used lashes before. Discovering this group helped Doe Lashes determine how to properly market those customers with educational content to help them get started on using lashes. 

Want to try Doe Lashes’ quiz? Take it here


3. BeautyBio: Virtual Consultation Quiz

Example of a quiz question from BeautyBio's quiz


When it comes to skincare and beauty, purchasing online can be difficult for customers who aren’t sure what products are designed for their skin concerns. BeautyBio’s virtual consultation fixes that issue by bridging the gap between having an in-store clerk that would ask you questions about your skin type by asking these same questions through an on-site quiz instead. 


Question from BeautyBio's quiz


One brilliant aspect of BeautyBio’s quiz is its result's page bundles. For example, if a customer says they’re looking for a night routine, the results page will show them a full product set for an evening routine. The customer can click a single button, “Add routine to cart,” to simply checkout every item recommended in the routine. 

BeautyBio results page example

BeautyBio’s quiz has been successful for them to increase average order value. After launching their quiz, they saw a 28% increase in AOV and were able to discover more profitable groups of customers that they could target in their campaigns. Online skincare browsing has never been easier for a customer using a quiz!

Want to try BeautyBio’s quiz? Take it here

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4. Big Hammer Wines: Wine Type

Quiz question asking about preferred wine type


For businesses that have a large selection, a quick quiz is an easy way to narrow down what a customer is searching for. Although Big Hammer Wines’ quiz is short, it helps direct customers to the right selection of wine types based on their budget. 


Quiz question asking about budget


After just two questions, Big Hammer Wines recommends a selection for customers to look at. They can easily add any of the recommended products to their shopping cart directly from the results page. Wine shopping has become as easy as two steps with this quiz.


Example results page


Want to try Big Hammer Wines’ quiz? Take it here.


5. Mastin Labs: Which Preset Packs are Right for you?

Example quiz question from Mastin Labs


There’s no reason why a niche business can’t utilize a quiz: Mastin Lab is an example of how every brand can benefit from a quiz. Mastin Labs is all about photography; they provide new photographers with tools, educational training and community to be able to explore their photography and improve their skills. The purpose of their quiz is to help photographers find the right preset packs for their artistic style. 


Quiz question asking what type of image a customer is drawn to the most


They start by asking what type of photography the quiz user does, what style they’re drawn to and the types of settings they typically shoot in. The last part of the quiz shows users a photo edited in six different ways and asks what edit they like the most. There are nine of these questions to help narrow down the best preset option for the customer.


Quiz question asking what photo edit the customer likes


The Mastin Labs quiz is elaborate. The journey consists of 15 questions to ensure they’re understanding exactly what the customer needs for a preset. With this ecommerce quiz example, it’s easy to see how every business, no matter the industry, could use a quiz to personalize the customer journey

Want to try the Mastin Labs’ quiz? Take it here.


6. Perfect Locks: Hair Consultation 

Perfect locks quiz question example


Similar to beauty, hair care can also be difficult to purchase online. Customers ask themselves these questions: What if it’s the wrong color? What if the length is too long? Using a quiz, these questions can be answered. Perfect Locks’ mission is about helping customers learn to love the look of their hair. They sell clip-in extensions, wigs and more. Their quiz matches you with the best solution for your hair care struggles. 


Perfect Locks quiz question about extension intalling


Each question is accompanied by a graphic to help customers visualize the answers they’re choosing. For every results page, there’s a short paragraph explaining the product shown, the benefit of the product and why it’s a good fit for the customer, helping sell the product beyond just being matched with it from the quiz.  

Want to try Perfect Locks’ quiz? Take it here.


7. Bariatric Fusion: Build Your Own Protein Tub Bundle Bariatric Fusion Quiz cover page


To try something different than a product recommendation quiz, Bariatric Fusion created an interactive way for customers to build their own bundle of protein powder. The quiz is image-friendly, as it shows a variety of different protein flavours to help customers build a bundle of three. 


Quiz question showing variety of protein flavors


After customers put together their perfect bundle, Bariatric Fusion asks them for their email address to offer a discount off their new bundle. This tactic works to increase the amount of email signups a brand receives at an incredible rate. For example, on another quiz Bariatric Fusion uses, they increased email signups by 16X by offering a similar incentive. 


Example quiz question asking for the customer's email


Finally, customers are shown their full bundle where they can click one button to add the entire bundle to their cart and complete their purchase. The Build Your Own Bundle quiz demonstrates how brands can use this type of interactive content in a variety of ways. 


Bariatric Fusion quiz results page


Want to try Bariatric Fusion’s Quiz? Take it here

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8. Brevite: Find The Best Backpack For You

Brevite backpack quiz results page


Brevite is an inspirational backpack company that supports dreams and ideas. Their mission is to create sustainable backbacks that help people create, make and do what matters to them. Their quiz matches customers with the perfect backpack based on their needs while also taking the chance to get to know a bit about each customer.


Brevite quiz question about music taste


For quiz users to receive their results, Brevite includes an email opt-in with an incentive. However, Brevite doesn’t tell the customer what the incentive is, they say “enter and we'll include a little gift,” to entice customers to fill out the form. This is a great way to collect emails at while increasing sales. 


Brevite email opt-in page


Want to try Brevite’s quiz? Take it here


9. Tenzo Tea: Tenzo Matcha Quiz

Tenzo Tea quiz question example


When you sell a niche product, it’s important to note that there will always be a group of customers discovering you for the first time. This means they may not know a lot about your business or the product you sell. A quiz is the perfect way to distinguish between customers that are familiar with your products and those who aren’t, which is exactly what Tenzo Tea does in their matcha quiz. 


Tenzo tea quiz example about matcha tea


Since there are a lot of ways a customer can use matcha, Tenzo’s quiz narrows down how customers are planning to use their matcha before they recommend products. Every recommendation is tailored to each customer’s experience level. For example, after selecting “beginner” at the start of the quiz, the results page shows matcha starter kits. 


Tenzo Tea results page for beginners


With a journey this personalized, there’s no doubt that Tenzo Tea is making customers happy by providing accurate product recommendations based on a customer's experience level. 

Want to try Tenzo Tea’s quiz? Take it here.


10. Rooted: Find your perfect plant

Rooted quiz question example


For an example of a visually stunning quiz, Rooted is one you’ll want to check out. This brand customized their quiz to perfectly match the colours, messaging and imagery of their entire website. The coolest part is every image is interactive rather than static, making the quiz engaging from start to finish. 


Example quiz question from Rooted


Each question of the quiz is designed to learn how skilled a customer is at taking care of plants, what their lifestyle is like, whether they have a lot of indirect light or not and even how long they go away when on vacation. These questions help tailor the quiz results page to recommend plants that will work with every customer’s lifestyle, taking the guesswork out of buying and owning plants for customers who may be inexperienced. 


rooted quiz results page


Feeling inspired? Here’s how to get a quiz for your brand

A quiz is a powerful tool for you to engage with every website visitor. Some of these businesses have placed their quiz on their website homepages so new customers can easily discover and be matched with the perfect products. 

Like we said before, every business can benefit from a quiz, no matter the industry you’re in. If you’re interested in creating a quiz for your business to learn about your customers and grow your opt-ins, learn more on our Shop Quiz page:

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