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Build a quiz that recommends the perfect product. Your AOV will go up and your email and ad teammates will love you.


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"Octane AI's quiz has single handedly been one of the biggest drivers for data acquisition at our company."

Founder of Doe Lashes, Jason Wong
Jason Wong
Founder of Doe Baby



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Used daily by 2,000+ Shopify brands


What we do

Octane AI is designed so that you can create your dream quiz without needing to code. Complete with conditional logic, advanced design, and in-depth analytics.

But....if you DO have a dev team that wants to customize the CSS or create their own unique experiences with our API, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too :)


Why you should build your quiz with Octane AI

We enable beautiful quizzes
We support advanced conditional logic and pathways
We power personalized email experiences
We are always innovating
We optimize for speed
We pride ourselves in our support, account management, and thought leadership

"Our Octane AI quiz accounts for 30% of our online store revenue and helps us serve personalized emails and ads to our shoppers."


Our quiz solution

TEMPLATES (900 × 525 px)

Stunning quiz templates


Sell products directly in the quiz


Dynamic quiz experiences

octaneai_design copy

Customizable design


Targeted quiz pop-ups


Track revenue & analytics


What a complete quiz funnel looks like

By featuring your quiz in your store's nav bar, home page, footer, and product pages, you will begin to not only convert sales at a higher AOV, but you will start to collect more data from your customers than ever before.

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Case studies


Jones Road, one of the fastest growing Shopify brands, sends their ad traffic to their Octane AI quiz and 3X the revenue they make from TikTok ads.

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Hunter & Gather, a health food brand, uses Octane AI quiz data to increase their email revenue by 258%.

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Shark Tank brand Buckle Me Baby Coats uses their Octane AI quiz to reduce their return rate by 95%, avoiding over 20,000 returns over the past year.

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Why you need a quiz

With the recent changes in data policy from Apple and Google, it is more important than ever for you to get to know the customers visiting your store. You shouldn't be relying on third parties like Facebook or TikTok to do this for you.

Who are your customers? What are they looking for? Who are they shopping for? What are their concerns? What are their preferences? What is their email address or phone number? Your quiz will collect this data for you.


...and not only are quizzes the best way to collect your own first party / zero party data, but by using the data to personalize the shopping experience quizzes are also one of the easiest ways to increase your AOV and ROAS.

Ready to start increasing conversions? Let's do this!

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