The Top 9 Recharge Experts To Follow On Twitter

As the leading subscription platform for ecommerce, Recharge is at the forefront of flexible, customizable subscription billing options for online retailers. Here’s a list of Recharge experts you should follow on Twitter.

Kaleigh Moore
December 13, 2021

Streaming services, meal boxes, glasses, clothes, furniture—subscriptions have completely revolutionized the way we think about buying.

According to The State of Subscription Commerce 2021 report by Recharge, the ecommerce boom we witnessed in 2020 resulted in 90% growth in subscribers across all verticals and an average LTV growth of 11%.

What’s more: Data from the Subscription Trade Association (SUBTA) shows that by 2023, 75% of organizations selling DTC will offer subscription services.

As the leading subscription platform for ecommerce, Recharge is at the forefront of flexible, customizable subscription billing options for online retailers. 

If you’re curious about how to succeed with subscriptions, here’s a list of nine Recharge experts you should follow on Twitter:

1: Chase Alderton (@ChaseAlderton)

Chase Alderton is a Growth Marketing Manager at Recharge. His Twitter feed is packed with news about the latest Recharge podcast episodes, tips on customer experience, and everything you need to know about the subscription business model.  

2: Eli Weiss (@eliweisss)

Eli Weiss is the director of customer experience and retention at Olipop — a thoughtfully crafted tonic brand that lets customers manage their subscriptions via text. Eli is all about next-level brand experience and fostering true relationships with your customers. If you want the inside scoop on optimizing subscription experiences and you’re curious about the future of CX in ecommerce, make sure to follow him.

3: Ben Parr (@benparr)

Ben Parr is the co-founder and president of OctaneAI. He was named one of the Forbes 30 Under 30 as an award-winning entrepreneur, author, investor, and journalist. Previously, he was the co-editor of Mashable and a columnist for CNET. Ben is also the author of the best-selling book Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention.

4: John Erck (@johnerck)

John Erck is the co-Founder of Rebuy — a sales automation engine that creates personalized shopping experiences. If you want to understand the power of intelligent cross-selling for your subscription products, John is your guy.

5: Wilson Hung (@WilsonGHung)

Wilson Hung started his career as a Process Engineer at ExxonMobil. Thanks to his data-driven, systematic, and scientific approach, he was able to help bone broth brand Kettle & Fire grow into an eight-figure business, and he bootstrapped a six-figure SaaS business, ARPU, which was acquired in 2020. Wilson tweets about CPG strategy and growth. 

6: SUBTA Studios (@SUBTAstudios)

The Subscription Trade Association (SUBTA) is an ever-growing community of innovators and entrepreneurs that are eager to scale their businesses and catalyze the subscription industry. With weekly interviews, blogs and webinars that dive onto all things subscription, anyone looking to stay tuned to the advice from industry leaders like Recharge should follow their account.

7: Recharge (@RechargePayment)

If you’re reading a blog post about Recharge experts to follow and you still don’t follow Recharge, you have to fix that right away. As the leading subscriptions payments platform helping merchants set up and manage dynamic recurring billing, their Twitter feed is all about the potential of subscriptions and the future of ecommerce.

8: Scoutside (@scoutsidecreate)

Scoutside is a creative technology agency that creates unique experiences that turn visitors into loyal customers. They are pioneering the subscription first commerce with a holistic and data-driven approach that results in experiences customers and merchants love. Curious to learn how to create and grow loyal subscribers while reducing churn and increasing lifetime value? Scoutside has the answer. 

9: The Taproom (@taproomagency)

The Taproom is Shopify Plus Partner, creating high-powered ecommerce solutions for fast-growing businesses. As an awarded “Shopify Expert,” The Taproom helps customers turn their stores into sales powerhouses. If you’re looking for tips on useful tools you need to keep your business growing, make sure to follow The Taproom.

The future of ecommerce is all about creating a seamless shopping experience, backed up with customer insights that let you personalize your marketing approach. If you’re a raving fan of subscription commerce, this list of Recharge experts will be worth your while.

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