How Salud Uses the Power of Quizzes To Increase Sales & Conversion Rate

Discover how Salud boosted conversions and personalized marketing with Octane AI's quiz platform. Learn quiz strategies, zero-party data insights, and optimization tips to drive Ecommerce success.

Gen Furukawa
March 19, 2024

Brands are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage customers, gather valuable data, and drive conversions.

One powerful tool that has emerged as a game-changer is the quiz.

In this post, we'll explore the success story of Salud, a vitamin drink brand that has leveraged Octane AI's quiz platform to improve their marketing strategy.

By implementing a simple yet effective quiz, Salud has not only captured valuable zero-party data but also personalized their product recommendations and marketing efforts, leading to impressive results.

Through an in-depth conversation with Aoife Teague, Accounts Lead and Partnerships Lead at Octane AI, we'll uncover the key strategies, insights, and best practices that have propelled Salud's success.

Here is the full breakdown of the Salud Quiz: 


Overview of Salud

Salud is an innovative vitamin drink brand that offers a range of delicious and nutritious beverages designed to support hydration, immunity, and overall well-being.

What sets Salud apart is their commitment to using clinically-proven ingredients while maintaining authentic flavors and keeping the sugar content low at only 1 gram per serving.

Whether consumed daily as part of a healthy lifestyle or as a targeted solution before or after a late night out, Salud's versatile drink mixes cater to a wide range of needs and preferences.

So it is important to learn more about the customer that is shopping for the product, and what they are looking for in particular. 

This is where the quiz can add tremendous insight and value. 

salud - quiz homepage

By using an Octane AI quiz, Salud has integrated a highly effective quiz strategy into their marketing funnel, enabling them to engage customers, gather valuable zero-party data, and drive sales through personalized product recommendations.

Quiz Strategy & Analysis

1. Simplicity and Engagement: Salud's quiz success lies in its simplicity and engaging nature. By keeping the quiz concise, with a maximum of 10 questions, and incorporating fun elements like emojis and visually appealing designs, Salud maintains high completion rates and minimizes customer drop-off.


salud homepage

Some of the questions are critical to creating the ideal product recommendation, like learning what the goals of the customer are: 

salud 1

And some questions are more fun, with less (or no) impact on the final recommendation :

salud 2

salud - fav time

2. Strategic Question Mix: The quiz strikes a balance between questions that directly inform product recommendations and those that provide valuable insights for segmentation and personalized marketing. While some questions are designed to guide customers towards specific products, others focus on gathering data points such as flavor preferences, lifestyle habits, and wellness goals.

salud - flavor

3. Seamless Website Integration: Salud ensures that their quiz is prominently placed on their website, making it easily accessible to customers. By integrating the quiz seamlessly with their brand colors and overall aesthetic, Salud creates a cohesive and immersive user experience.

In addition to the header, shoppers can access the quiz any time from the footer: 

salud footer

4. Optimized Product Recommendations: The quiz results page showcases one to three main product recommendations, based on the customer's responses. This targeted approach ensures that customers feel heard and understood, increasing the likelihood of a purchase. Salud also includes a few additional options, allowing for flexibility and catering to individual preferences.

salud - recomendatino


5. Post-Quiz Email Strategy: Salud leverages the data captured from the quiz to create personalized post-quiz email flows from Klaviyo.

For customers who make a purchase, the brand sends targeted content related to the specific product, highlighting its benefits and providing usage tips. For those who don't convert immediately, Salud uses the quiz data to nurture leads and guide them towards a purchase decision.

salud - email rec

6. A/B Testing and Optimization: Octane AI's platform offers robust A/B testing capabilities, allowing Salud to continuously optimize their quiz for maximum impact.

By testing variables such as the quiz intro page, discount offers, and result page recommendations and copy, Salud can make data-driven decisions to improve conversion rates and overall quiz performance.

Here's a quick overview of what Octane AI's A/B Testing Dashboard looks like: 

AB Dashboard

The Power of Zero-Party Data

One of the key benefits of implementing a quiz strategy is the ability to capture zero-party data.

Unlike third-party data, which is collected by external sources, zero-party data is voluntarily and proactively provided by customers directly to the brand.

This type of data is not only more accurate and reliable but also fosters a sense of trust and engagement between the brand and its audience.

Salud leverages the zero-party data collected through their quiz to gain deep insights into their customers' preferences, needs, and behaviors.

This is how the product recommendation can be personalized, and also how the Klaviyo flows can key in on the customer's specific goals, challenges, and taste preferences. 

These highly targeted marketing campaigns, personalized product recommendations, and tailored content that resonates with individual customers and help Salud stand out in a crowded email inbox.

Maximizing Average Order Value (AOV)

Salud's quiz strategy not only helps to increase conversion rates but also has a significant impact on the average order value (AOV).

By providing personalized product recommendations and offering complementary products on the quiz results page, Salud encourages customers to add more items to their cart, thereby increasing the overall value of each purchase.

Moreover, by using the quiz data to create targeted post-purchase email campaigns and product bundles, Salud further enhances the AOV and encourages repeat purchases.

Expanding Quiz Placement

While Salud's current quiz placement in the navigation bar is highly effective, there is potential to expand the quiz's reach by incorporating it into other areas of the website.

By strategically placing the quiz on the homepage, product pages, blog posts, or other high-traffic areas (like a landing page for paid traffic), Salud can capture even more leads and guide customers towards the most suitable products.

This expanded quiz placement strategy can be particularly effective for customers who may be unsure about which product to choose or are looking for personalized recommendations.

By providing a helpful and engaging quiz experience at various touchpoints, Salud can build stronger relationships with its customers and drive more conversions.

10 Key Takeaways & Learnings

  1. Keep quizzes simple, fun, and engaging to maximize completion rates.
  2. Use a mix of questions that inform product recommendations and provide valuable segmentation data.
  3. Ensure seamless integration of the quiz with your website and brand aesthetic.
  4. Limit product recommendations to one to three main options, with a few additional choices for flexibility.
  5. Leverage quiz data to create personalized post-quiz email flows and nurture leads.
  6. Continuously A/B test and optimize your quiz to improve performance and drive results.
  7. Utilize Octane AI's comprehensive analytics dashboard to gain insights and make data-driven decisions.
  8. Capitalize on the power of zero-party data to create highly targeted marketing campaigns and personalized experiences.
  9. Maximize average order value by offering complementary products and bundles based on quiz responses.
  10. Expand quiz placement beyond the navigation bar to capture leads and guide customers at various touchpoints.


Salud's success story with Octane AI's quiz platform demonstrates the immense potential of quizzes as a powerful tool for Ecommerce brands.

By implementing a well-crafted quiz strategy, brands can engage customers, capture valuable zero-party data, and drive conversions through personalized product recommendations and targeted marketing efforts.

Brands that prioritize customer engagement and personalization will be well-positioned to thrive as the DTC space becomes more crowded and competitive.

By following in Salud's footsteps and leveraging the insights, brands can unlock the power of quizzes and create experiences that resonate with their target audience, ultimately driving growth and long-term success.

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