From Quiz to Conversion: How alleyoop's Beauty Quiz Transforms Customer Journeys

Discover how alleyoop's personalized product quiz, built with Octane AI, boosted sales, improved customer experience, and provided valuable customer data.

Gen Furukawa
April 26, 2024

Today we're doing a deep dive into how innovative beauty brand Alleyoop uses an Octane AI quiz to drive personalized product recommendations, boost sales, and gather valuable Zero Party Data. 

The Alleyoop quiz is a core driver of the Alleyoop marketing strategy, that improves customer experience, serves as a landing page for paid ads, and drives the personalization of their email campaigns. 

Here is a walk through of the quiz experience, and our analysis why it is such a great quiz: 


Alleyoop's Personalized Beauty Quiz: A Step-by-Step Breakdown

Alleyoop is a beauty brand that aims to simplify the tiresome extensive beauty routine with its multi-purpose, easy-to-use products. 

Featured prominently on their homepage are four key benefits of the brand:  

  • “Do more with less”: Consolidating into an “all-in-one” solution.
  • Ready in 5: Simplifying the time required with multi-functional products
  • Cut the clutter: Reducing 4 tools into 1. 
  • Mindfully made: Clean, Vegan, Cruelty-free and environmentally friendly products.

Examples of their products include the “4-in-1 Makeup Touch-up Pen,” an eyeliner, lip liner, brow pencil, and highlighter in one. 

The “Multi-Tasker” combines 4 separate cosmetic brushes into one tool.

The nature of Alleyoop’s one-stop-shop product offering makes it imperative that they understand the specific needs of their customers so that they can direct them to the right tool, shade, or coverage. 

Which can be tricky. 

The beauty industry is highly segmented based on skin color, age, purpose and lifestyle. 

To solve this problem, Alleyoop leverages Octane AI’s platform to create a personalized shopping experience for each visitor via its quiz, “shop your routine.” 

With “shop your routine,” Alleyoop asks targeted questions to swiftly identify individual pain points. 

Visitor input allows Alleyoop to tailor product recommendations based on each individual’s unique needs and preferences. 

This layered personalization is similar to that of an in-store beauty consultant but even better. 

With Octane AI’s platform, any Ecommerce can instantaneously scale this process seamlessly. 

Let’s check-out how Alleyoop sets up its quiz.  

Quiz Funnel & Elements: A Deep Dive

First time visitors to Alleyoop’s homepage will immediately notice the “find your routine” Call To Action button in the navigation menu: 

Even if scrolling up and down the page, the quiz link remains fixed to the navigation bar, always visible, always reminding viewers of this call to action.

Which is great because those new to the brand and website, perhaps uncertain of what they are looking for, can use this fast, easy quiz to locate the most relevant products.

This not only saves them time, but reduces likelihood of drop-off due to lengthy product search and scrolling.  

After clicking on the “find your routine” link, Alleyoop starts with a question about skin tone. 

Note that they’ve implemented a streamlined design that keeps the focus on one question at a time, reducing overwhelm.

And instead of a welcome page to the quiz (which typically includes text and a “Start Quiz” button), Alleyoop jumps right in with the first question, to find the perfect shade match: 

After the first question, follow-up questions are strategically crafted to uncover any additional key info that will impact product recommendations. 

Alleyoop hones in on skin tone with their secondary question here: 

Another key metric informing beauty decisions is age: 

As the questions continue, note how Alleyoop also utilizes Octane AI’s platform to integrate engaging visuals and on-brand copy to make the experience fun and interactive. 

Consistent branding across different platforms leads to higher conversion rates. 

Octane AI’s customizable platform gives Alleyoop  another channel to showcase their unique brand voice and personality. 

And finally - awaiting the results....

Once the quiz have been completed, Alleyoop provides product recommendations and reviews alongside a limited time offer, a nice bonus for taking the quiz. 

quiz recommendations

The prominent call-to-action at the end drives excited quiz takers straight to their curated product selections.

In fact, product prices on the final quiz page show an automatic 30% deduction while the same products are listed at original retail value when accessed directly from the homepage.  

Those shoppers who have taken the quiz are unknowingly surprised with a discount. 

The clear benefits-driven copy and clear Call To Action buttons work to improve Conversion Rate by simplifying the buying process and customer understanding. 

Strategic Zero Party Data Collection

Now here’s where the magic of all this shines. 

Through the quiz and Octane’s integration with Klaviyo, Alleyoop is able to collect declared zero-party data on each quiz takers':

  • Skin type, tone and major concerns
  • Age and stage of life
  • Product and ingredient preferences 
  • Makeup and style preferences
  • Lifestyle and shopping habits
  • And more!

Once a shopper adds their email address, the quiz responses are added to the contact as Custom Properties in Klaviyo. 

This data is invaluable for Ecommerce brands. 

Unlike implied data (first, second, or third party data) pieced together from various potentially unknown sources, Zero Party Data tells Alleyoop exactly what the customer is looking for, and what their skin details are. 

The Benefits of Zero-Party Data

On an individual level, the quiz data enables Alleyoop to serve up the most relevant product recommendations for each quiz taker. 

After getting the quiz recommendations on the website, Alleyoop follows up with the post-quiz email reminding me of the product recommended to my needs: 

alleyoop - quiz results

This also helps Alleyoop tailor future marketing messages and offers based on known preferences and delight customers with a personalized shopping experience that feels curated just for them.

A day after the post-quiz email is sent, I get a reminder email: 

alleyoop - email follow up

And a third email: 

alleyoop - recommendation email 

And the benefits go beyond the individual customer experience.

Alleyoop can aggregate this Zero Party Data and create dynamic segments based on this data. 

This can help create more targeted and relevant marketing campaigns based on skin type, recommended product, skin challenges, and more. 

Moreover, if Alleyoop were to do customer research for future product launches, or send educational campaigns based on different skin types, this data would be critical to ensure that the recipient receives relevant messaging and product recommendations. 

This will ultimately pave the way for deeper, more authentic customer relationships highlighting that the potential applications of Zero Party Data are endless. 

How Alleyoop Drives Traffic to Its Quiz


With a well established and sizable following, one channel Alleyoop relies on to funnel visitors to their quiz is TikTok.

Every visitor to their Tik Tok profile can access a Linktree link in Alleyoop’s profile. This will take them to a list of links, one of which is the quiz. 

Alleyoop lists their top-selling products and provides a link to the quiz which they’ve titled, “Find your Sunsational SPF 50 Skin Tint Shade Here.” 

This takes the shopper to the Octane AI quiz. 

Paid Ads

In addition to TikTok, Alleyoop utilizes paid ads to direct visitors to its quiz, specifically Google Search ads.  

For example, one search query is “Alleyoop Beauty Quiz”. 

You can see that despite having the top organic search results, the brand is also running paid ads on that query, to increase the likelihood that the searcher ends up taking the quiz: 

Quiz Basics: Using Octane AI to Create a Quiz

We've seen how Alleyoop harnesses their Octane AI quiz to provide a personalized customer experience, gather actionable customer insights, and ultimately boost Ecommerce sales. 

Now let’s see how the Octane AI quiz builder works. 

In order to create a quiz, in your Octane AI “Quizzes” dashboard, you can click on “New Quiz” to create your first quiz: 

You will be given the option to start from scratch or use one of Octane AI’s templates. 

There are a variety of templates and themes to accelerate the quiz building process: 

You can customize the questions in extremely granular detail, with the text, images, background style, and customer journey the person takes after answering the question. 

As you can see, the quiz builder is simple, intuitive, yet highly customizable (even add your own CSS to the quiz if you’d like). 

This helps create a seamless customer experience when shoppers are moving through your site trying to find the perfect product for their needs. 

Wrapping Up

Alleyoop's strategic implementation of Octane AI's quiz platform has proven to be a game-changer for the innovative beauty brand. 

The data captured in the quiz allows Alleyoop to tailor product recommendations, craft targeted marketing campaigns, and foster deeper, more authentic customer relationships.

The quiz's seamless integration into Alleyoop's marketing strategy, through paid ads, email, and on-site experience, has made it a central driver of the brand's success. 

Octane AI's user-friendly and highly customizable quiz builder has enabled Alleyoop to create an engaging, on-brand experience that resonates with their target audience.

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