The 10 Best Ecommerce Quizzes from Fast-Growing DTC Beauty Brands

Here are examples of 10 ecommerce quizzes from leading beauty brands to inspire yours.

Mark Quadros
June 4, 2021

More than 2 billion people shop online, and you only have seconds to capture their attention. 

Aside from all the beautiful images and engaging copy you can have on your website, your DTC business needs to something to help it stand out — otherwise you get lost in the crowd.

Grabbing the attention of your customers isn’t always easy, but interactive marketing, like ecommerce quizzes, can definitely shake things up. 

Ecommerce quizzes are a brilliant way to draw in your potential customers and keep them entertained until they’re ready to make a purchase. And how it works is extremely simple. With a engaging and interactive online experience like a quiz, you can guide customers towards making buying decisions by recommending personalized products and introducing them to your brand. 

So for all the beauty brands out there, I've put together this epic list of ecommerce quizzes to show you how effective they can be for driving revenue and engagement.


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Benefits of ecommerce quizzes 

Almost half of online shoppers admit they’ve made impulse purchases after an outstanding customized personal experience with a brand. 

A good quiz replicates the in-store experience online by providing hyper-focused customer service, which serves to improve customer loyalty and retention — an essential for all businesses.

Another perk that quizzes have is that they allow ecommerce businesses to gain valuable insight into their audience: their ages, preferences and even email addresses can be gathered with a quiz. With this data, you get much more in-depth customer profiles.

There are several types of quizzes that sustainable ecommerce businesses can make use of, especially in the beauty industry. From product recommenders to routine finders, every quiz gives you valuable customer insights that you can leverage for creating personalized experiences across all channels. Let's check out some quiz examples now! 


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Product Recommender Examples

Glamnetic’s Lash Quiz

Glamnetic's quiz is perfect for anyone looking to find the right set of magnetic lashes, even if they’ve never used any before. This ensures Glamnetic can market to a broader audience.

The user starts by choosing their eye shape, and then picking their desired eyelash length. 


Image Source: Glamnetic


The visuals used in the quiz make it easy to give accurate answers that will guide buyers to discovering eyelashes that actually suite their eyes and preferred look. 


Image Source: Glamnetic


People who have never used eyelashes might be intimidated by the idea, and Glamnetic considers that in their quiz. They ask what experience the customer has, which will influence what kind of products they are offered and how Glamnetic approaches their follow up to those customers. 

Age is also taken into consideration for Glamnetic to get an idea of their audience’s demographic.


Image Source: Glamnetic


Once the seven easy questions are answered, Glamnetic will ask the customer for their email address before they get the results. 

Glamnetic uses the email address to do a follow-up with the customer; if they didn’t buy anything, they’re reminded about the products they viewed to draw customers back in to complete the purchase.



Try Glamnetic’s Lash Quiz here.


Spongelle’s Fragrance Quiz

Spongelle specializes in body wash-infused buffers that serve as an all-inclusive beauty treatment. With its product suggestion quiz, customers will find the right buffer for them in just a few clicks.

The quiz starts off by asking the customer whether they’re new or returning. Then, the customer is asked to say what smell prefer out of fresh, fruity, floral and warm.


Image Source: Spongelle


After answering the questions, the customer can choose to share their email address for a 15% discount. This gives Spongelle a list of contacts they can attach the information they've collected from the quiz to, and then they can reach out to those customers via email to remind them about products they may be interested in.


Image Source: Spongelle


Check out Spongelle’s quiz here.


INH Hair’s Pony Quiz

INH Hair is all about helping women look fabulous with hair extensions, attachable ponies and more. Their quiz (which they promise takes only 90 seconds) asks all the right questions to help customers find what they need quickly and easily. 

The first question is about how much experience the customer has with wearing fake ponies. This prevents them from selling something complicated to an inexperienced customer and leave them dissatisfied.


Image Source: INH hair


The quiz then asks where the customer plans to wear the pony, and this is done with lovely photo examples. Great example photos also accompany the question to showcase what some of the brand's pony tail extensions look like in each scenario.


Image Source: INH hair


When the results are about to be revealed, INH asks for the customer’s email address and offers a 10% discount. The discount is sent through email and can be used for buying the suggested pony.


Image Source: INH hair


INH also gives customers a second suggestion, which will help keep them interested even if they don’t like the first option.


Image Source: INH hair


You can find INH Hair’s Pony Quiz here.


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Routine Finder Examples

Muddy’s Skincare Routine Quiz

Muddy’s products are for people of all ages, and their quiz helps customers find the best skincare routine for their unique needs. It starts by asking the customer what they’re looking for: a cleanser, toner, mask, or oil.


Image Source: Muddy Body


The second question determines the customer’s skin type and concern, which is important because products are often age-specific and tailored toward a customer's specific pain points.


Image Source: Muddy Body


Try out Muddy’s Skincare Routine Quiz here.


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Derma Essentia’s Skincare Routine Quiz

While Derma Essentia's quiz is on the longer-side, it’s comprehensive and tells the customer that they can trust the results, especially when the recommended products are based off the detailed questions from the quiz. 


Image Source: Derma Essentia


The first question asks the customer to identify their skin concern. This is a good way to let the customer feel in control of their experience. The quiz then asks for the customer’s age and what their skin’s health is like. 


Image Source: Derma Essentia


Derma Essentia’s quiz asks very specific questions, such as how their skin feels in specific places. This gives them a very detailed profile about their customers and where the brand can help them with their concerns.


Image Source: Derma Essentia


See Derma Essentia’s Skincare Routine Quiz here.


Voice of Hair’s Hair-Care Routine Quiz

Voice of Hair’s quiz doesn’t take very long. In most cases, it's less than 60 seconds. By keeping the quiz short, they are avoiding drop-off rates and the customer reaches their recommended routine faster, which results in a higher chance of purchase. 

Some of the brand's questions come with cheeky answers, adding to the level of engagement customers feel when interacting with the quiz. 


Image Source: Voice of Hair


Take Voice of Hair’s Hair-care Routine Quiz here.


Virtual Consultation Examples

UOMA Beauty’s Skin tone Shade Quiz

UOMA Beauty's quiz gets straight to the point. Customers start the quiz, answer the three questions and are given the results. No fuss, no frills and easy results.


Image Source: Uoma


The questions are direct and don’t require any deep thinking, which is ideal for keeping customers focused on the end result: the product recommendation.


Image Source: UOMA


Check out Uoma Beauty’s Skin tone Shade Quiz here.


Vasanti Cosmetics’ Dark Circles Quiz

Vasanti Cosmetic’s quiz is directed toward one product set: their dark circle solutions. By helping customers combat dark circle under their eyes, they keep their quiz entirely focused on this one pain point to target a very specific buyer.


Image Source: Vasanti Cosmetics


The customer’s skin tone is determined with the help of clear-to-understand visuals.


Image Source: Vasanti Cosmetics


The quiz then asks about the shade of the dark circles as well as the appearance of the eyes (deep-set, hollow or sunken). The quiz also asks about the level of dark circles the customer has to determine the severity of the circles.

Image Source: Vasanti Cosmetics


To further aid the customer, they provide visual help in identifying what the customer's dark circles currently look like. 


Image Source: Vasanti Cosmetics


See Vasanti Cosmetics’ Dark Circles Quiz here.


Perfect Locks’ Hair Extension Quiz

Perfect Locks’ hair extension quiz makes it easy to find the right product in just a few questions. The quiz starts off by asking the kind of install the customer wants: a do-it-yourself or professional.


Image Source: Perfect Locks


Perfect Locks also makes sure to determine what their customer's pain points are before recommending a product. They do this by asking about the look they're hoping to achieve with extensions.

Depending on if a customer is worried about hair loss, wanting a different color or interested in an entirely new look, Perfect Locks can recommend a better product when they understand why their customers are shopping with them in the first place. 


Image Source: Perfect Locks


Check out Perfect Locks’ Hair Extension Quiz here.


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Character Matching Example

INH Hair Care bear Quiz

Using entertainment or pop culture to direct customers to your products is a creative marketing strategy. INH Hair’s Care bear quiz does this well by incorporating a popular kids show in the 90s and early 2000s: the Care Bears.


Image Source: INH Hair


The quiz comprises of fun questions to determine the customer's personality type, including favorite foods, how they prefer to spend their time, hobbies and more. 


Image Source: INH Hair

In the end, customers are matched with a Care Bear type, including "love-a-lot bear" or "funshine bear" and "wish bear." INH tells the customer a bit about the bear's personality and why they're matched with it, and then recommends a product that's relevant to that bear's personality as a way to drive a sale with the fun quiz. 


Image Source: INH Hair


Take a shot at the INH Hair Carebear Quiz here.


Hook your audience with engaging quiz experiences

Just because you take your ecommerce business seriously doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with marketing.

Remember, there are many ecommerce quiz benefits, and brands have built successful omnichannel personalization strategies just by collecting more customer information through a quiz, like Doe Lashes. If you want to see how they collected 3X more emails and increased revenue with their quiz, you can read their story here

Why wait to get started with a quiz for your beauty brand? If you want to learn more about the power of a quiz, you can book a time to ask our team any questions. 

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