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Octane AI is trusted by the fastest-growing Shopify merchants

Over $120,000,000 Made on Octane AI

Merchants use Octane AI to ask questions, collect contact information, and personalize marketing on Shopify and Klaviyo.

Step 1: Learn Everything About Your Customers With Product Recommendation Quizzes

The Octane team is a true partner, integrating with the rest of our marketing plans and helping to drive increased revenue." - Gwen Jimmere, Naturalicious

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Step 2: Connect With Hesitant Shoppers At Light Speed With Conversational Pop-ups


"This app will unlock doors for your business. I will proudly recommend this app to anyone who wants to offer customization to their customers in a DTC e-commerce world" - Zach Niemiec, Bariatric Fusion

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Step 3: Sync Customer Quiz Data Instantly to Klaviyo


"Octane AI's quiz has single handedly been one of the biggest drivers for data acquisition at our company." - Jason Wong, Doe Baby


Step 4: Personalize And Optimize Your Flows And Campaigns On Klaviyo


"[Octane AI] helps Klaviyo merchants collect Customer-First Data to provide more relevant messaging and build stronger relationships with their customers that results in increased conversions and optimization." - Kady Srinivasan, Global Head of Marketing at Klaviyo


Step 5: Own Your Data. Own Your Growth.


"What if you increased conversions by getting to know each customer and personalizing your website, emails, and text messages based on each person’s preferences, concerns, and reasons for shopping with you? This is exactly what Octane AI enables." - Matt Schlicht, Co-Founder & CEO of Octane AI


Never heard of zero-party data marketing? Here is the playbook you have been looking for.

Brands implementing this playbook have connected with 16x more customers on email and SMS, seen 6x sales conversions, and increased revenue by over 50%.

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Deeply integrated with Shopify and all your apps

Data shouldn’t be siloed. Octane AI is designed to work seamlessly with your email, subscription, customer support, and paid media platforms.

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