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ManyChat vs. Octane AI: A Deep Dive

With 1.3 billion users, open rates as high as 80% and click-through rates of 40%, there is a lot of value in using Facebook Messenger for your business.

Octane AI and ManyChat are both chatbot builders for Facebook Messenger. Brands can use both platforms to build chatbots that send messages to subscribers and automate marketing done through Messenger.

Beyond that, there are significant differences. Octane AI’s entire philosophy is focused on being a chatbot builder for Shopify and other ecommerce platforms. If you’re selling a product or service online, Octane AI is the way to go. Using Octane AI, merchants can do the following with Messenger marketing:

  • Automatically send abandoned cart notifications that recover more abandoned carts than just email alone
  • Recommend products to visitors based on their browsing history
  • Automate customer service and check on a customer’s order status without opening up another tab
  • With AI, you can train your bot and have it become better at responding to customer questions over time
  • Integrate natively with popular ecommerce apps like Klaviyo, Yotpo, Justuno,, Privy, Gorgias, Yext and more without having to use Zapier

Plus much more. Octane AI is the Messenger Chatbot platform for ecommerce merchants. See how the features for ManyChat and Octane AI compare below.

FEATURES Manychat manychat OctaneAI Octane AI

Facebook Messenger

Integrate directly with Facebook Messenger


Send marketing broadcasts and triggered messages via SMS

Facebook Messenger Ads

Initiate conversations with Messenger ads to your audience

Marketing Automation and Flows

Automate your marketing campaigns

Comment to Subscriber

Turn commenters into subscribers

Built Specifically for Ecommerce Brands

Optimized for ecommerce brands to drive revenue over B2B

Automated Cart Abandonment

Recover lost sales after visitors abandon their cart

Automated Browse Abandonment

Recover lost sales after visitors abandon their browsing session

Install to Your Shopify Back-End

Install directly from the Shopify App Store


Klaviyo Integration

The leading ecommerce email marketing app


Yotpo Integration

The leading reviews app for Shopify


Gorgias Integration

Ecommerce customer service app for Shopify


Re:amaze Integration

Ecommerce customer service app for Shopify


Recharge Integration

The leading recurring billing and subscriptions app for Shopify Integration

The leading rewards program app on Shopify


Privy Integration

One of the leading Shopify apps for building email lists and converting customers


Justuno Integration

One of the leading Shopify apps for building email lists and converting customers

In-Bot Products and Advanced Revenue Tracking

Embed products directly into conversations and track revenue from each broadcast and campaign.

Partner Program

Specialized Messenger, SMS, and email experts

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Enterprise Services Program

A dedicated ecommerce-focused account manager for brands

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

See what other merchants have to say about Octane AI


“I keep telling people to switch from ManyChat to Octane AI. It's made such a world of difference. I wouldn't trust any other chatbot. The support alone is unbeatable.”

Primary Goods
Primary Goods


“Switched over from Manychat because the Octane AI integration with Shopify is just so awesome. Customer support is top notch.”

Freshfield Natural Supplements
Freshfield Natural Supplements


“Since going live two weeks ago, Octane AI has increased abandoned cart revenue by 5x. It only took a few minutes to setup with three clicks. We see huge open rates of 70% to 80% and this is the best product we've ever used. If you're in ecommerce, you NEED Octane AI!”

FEAT Socks
FEAT Socks
View Case Study


“Since going live a little over a month ago, Octane AI has recovered over $6k in sales. Not only that, but I am able to broadcast messages to my followers as well as create interactive conversations. This is just another way for them to get to know my brand as well as see important updates like sales, new arrivals and more.”

Verclare Boutique
Verclare Boutique
View Case Study


“We tried several different Messenger apps and this is simply the very best! So many customizations, powerful little bot yet simple to use. If you have any questions support is a pleasure to chat with and they respond super fast too! Don't waste time, try it out now and see for yourself. We love it!”



“Octane AI is a total game changer. After relying on ineffective email marketing for years, I decided to make the move over to messenger marketing. My expectations were completely shattered within the first few weeks. Octane AI has allowed me to amass tens of thousands of followers that I can have impactful and meaningful conversations with that provide both them and myself value.

In addition to being able to instantly communicate with your most loyal fans/customers, Octane's integration with Shopify has boosted revenue for one of the best quarters I've ever had. Octane's abandoned cart messages is one of my favorite features! Lastly, Octane's customer service is beyond great. I know that if I ever have a question, I can expect an answer or a tutorial within a few hours. All in all, Octane AI is absolutely one of, if not, the best messenger marketing systems out there. I could not recommend it more!”

Peter Hollens
Peter Hollens