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Empathy Over Ego


Whole Happy Humans


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Alert iconEmpathy Over Ego

Your ideas are valued.

We empower everyone to share their ideas because the best ideas come from everywhere. From new employees to co-founders, we are all equally special with tons to contribute, and encouraging this is what gives us a competitive edge.

Alert iconEmpathy Over Ego

Asking questions is a sign of strength.

Don't hesitate to ask for help if you feel stuck on a task or problem. Everyone needs a helping hand or fresh inspiration sometimes, and you’ll find your teammates are happy to support you.

Alert iconWhole Happy Humans

The happier we are, the stronger our team is.

Being a remote company allows us to work with flexibility. Need to pick up a sick child from school, make that 4pm workout class or run a last-minute errand? Don’t worry — life happens, and we support you.

Alert iconWhole Happy Humans

Non-work banter makes our work better.

We genuinely like each other, largely because we really get to know each other. Real connections breed deeper trust and support. So go ahead, share about your weekend, spark that impromptu trivia game, and go wild trying a fast parrot emoji-inspired dance in the all-hands meeting. You being you makes us, us.

Alert iconEmpowered to Experiment

We iterate quickly.

Projects generally take days or weeks, not months. We have a collaborative environment where you can share a work-in-progress and get feedback quickly. We like to get our work into the hands of our customers and community as quickly as possible.

Alert iconEmpowered to Experiment

Bureaucracy doesn’t bog us down.

We want you to feel empowered to talk to anyone on the team — anytime. And never hesitate to ask for that thing you need — you’re here to do your work in support of the mission, so we make sure you have all the tools at your disposal to do it amazingly well.

Alert iconDare to be Different

In diversity lies strength.

Diversity — of people and of thinking — is critical to making our company and product stronger. We embrace the varied perspectives of our global team and will continue to ensure our team is inclusive and even more diverse as we grow.

Alert iconDare to be Different

Open minds and big ideas.

Always happy to blaze our own trail, we encourage innovation, creativity, and sometimes the downright bizarre! Our #ideas channel is just the place to bring light to the wacky and see where it takes us.

Alert iconWin Together

Collaboration creates success.

We believe that together, we make each other stronger. And together, we will win more often. And when we do, we love to celebrate and support each other - often with LOTS of emojis!

Alert iconWin Together

Celebrating customers & community.

Our love, support and empathy go well beyond our team “walls”. Finding ways to elevate and celebrate customers, partners and the ecommerce community overall is the name of the game we play. So let’s do this, together.

Why do you work at Octane AI?

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Mark Baek

Customer success

It really feels like Octane AI's success is your success. We're all steering the same ship - and it's a yacht.

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Sarah Reisch


The entire team contributes to a truly collaborative and supportive environment. We've got something special.

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Unlimited Paid Time Off

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