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How to get 90% Open Rates and a 10% Revenue Lift Using Facebook Messenger and SMS

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You can’t go wrong with a good email campaign. And the same can be said with Facebook Messenger. But as great as email has been (and will continue to be), there’s just no way to see open rates reach past 80%. 

This is where Facebook Messenger and SMS show their true beauty. With open rates that soar past 90% and extremely targeted campaigns and messaging, you can skyrocket your monthly revenue if you have a Facebook audience waiting to be engaged with. This is something we’ve seen ecommerce stores see using Octane AI, so we’re going to share some of those success secrets with you right now!


Features you need for successful Facebook Messenger and SMS marketing 

Aside from a great software (wink, wink), you’ll want to ensure you have opt-in tools and Messenger and SMS features available for you to set up the best campaigns and flows. The specific opt-in tools you’ll want to have available include the following:

The features you need for successful Messenger marketing are a welcome series, cart and browse abandonment flows, custom flows and campaigns builder, and order and shipping notifications. Let’s talk about those next!


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The types of campaigns and messages you should be sending

Imagine the capabilities you have with email, but just on Messenger and SMS instead! The difference is that both Messenger and SMS are untapped revenue channels for ecommerce brands because they aren’t currently cluttered with other promotions. Also, since your customers are likely to receive and open a message within seconds of you sending it, there’s a higher chance that they will interact with you. Think about how often you check your phone—your customers are the same, and Messenger and SMS flows will reach them directly and in real-time through these channels. Some of the top campaigns and flows for Messenger and SMS include what we’re about to list below:


Revenue-generating flows: Segmenting your customers into specific flows based on their actions is a great way to engage with them to bring them back to products they may be interested in. Including browse abandonment and cart abandonment messages, DOYOUEVEN was able to generate over $50,000 in just 30 days and recover 7% of their customers’ abandoned carts. 


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Cross-sell or up-sell: On Messenger specifically, businesses can build customized back-and-forth conversations, giving users the ability to interact back with your business and receive real responses. Some brands use this feature to ask customers a series of questions about their personality, hobbies, likes and dislikes and more. They will then recommend products based on the user’s answers. 

Welcome series: When a customer gets started, your business has the opportunity to introduce itself, share a bit of information about what your business does, attach links to interesting content, or share a coupon for new subscribers. This helps build a personal relationship with each subscriber and helps drive purchases.

Winback Campaigns: Creating ads specifically targeted to audiences from past Facebook Messenger interactions can help you winback previous customers. For example, knowing someone has an advanced skill level from the product recommendation quiz means an ad better tailored to their knowledge in music will result in a higher return on ad spend.


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Post-Purchase series: Using an automated system like Facebook Messenger and SMS for order confirmations and shipping updates will ensure your customers are receiving the necessary information from your business to keep them satisfied with your customer service.

Automated customer support: Create an interactive frequently asked questions menu within Facebook Messenger, alongside AI smart responses for your Messenger bot to recognize and respond to typed questions. This allows businesses to answers questions sent directly to them on Messenger.


The benefit of Facebook Messenger and SMS marketing for ecommerce

The power of Messenger and SMS campaigns for ecommerce brands is undeniable. We see the results every day and it’s always exciting. If you want to see real results, here are a few stats that prove the power of these channels. 

  • DOYOUEVEN received over 600% ROAS using Sponsored Messages and Click-to-Messenger ads built through Octane AI.
  • Buffer, a social media marketing tool, found that 61% of consumers like personalized messages from businesses.
  • Messenger chatbots see click-through-rates anywhere between 15%-60%
  • Chatbots can answer 80% of standard questions.
  • Statistics on chatbot marketing show that 56% of people would rather message than call customer service.
  • 53% of people are more likely to shop with businesses that they can message.
  • 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes.
  • Consumers redeem SMS-delivered coupons 10 times more than other types of coupons.

These statistics show that both Facebook Messenger and SMS are channels that your customers are happy to engage with for a number of reasons. From extremely targeted campaigns to a great customer support experience, there are a ton of ways to leverage both channels to drive more conversions.


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Brands like DOYOUEVEN have seen major success using Messenger and SMS. Read their full strategy to see how you can too.

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Choose your Facebook Messenger marketing tool and start driving more revenue

As you can see, both Messenger and SMS have helped some Shopify businesses seriously scale. Without conversational Messenger automation, you're missing out on the opportunity to reach customers through an untapped channel. Start using Messenger and SMS today and stand out to your customers, give them the attention they want, and drive sales! 


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