Vincent Silvey Joins Octane AI as the First VP of Engineering & Talks About Exciting Career Opportunities 🎉👀

Vince Silvey
July 20, 2021

The Octane AI team is excited to announce Vince Silvey as its new VP of Engineering! 

Vince brings over 20 years of experience in building highly engaged software engineering teams across financial services, automotive, education and marketing spaces. Working with engineering teams of 6 to 120 over his career, he is passionate about scaling and empowering teams to achieve beyond anything they could have imagined.

Vince has applied his leadership approach to teams in ways that have enabled cultural transformation through greater collaboration, reflection, learning and business predictability. A self-proclaimed armchair psychologist whose MBA emphasis area was Organizational Behavior, Vince brings us the perspective of software engineer, manager and executive.

In this article, Vince shares why he chose Octane AI, his thoughts on the pandemic’s influence on ecommerce and more on an opportunity that can be the right next step for you! 

I’m likely not the only one thinking this right now, but life is pretty interesting, isn’t it? 🤔

I never imagined a few years ago that I would be working for a fully remote startup where the entire interview process was 100% virtual! That’s a trifecta of firsts for me: working for a fully remote company, working for a startup and going through a 100% virtual interview and selection process. Well, here I am at Octane AI, where I’m working with an amazing, curious and talented team. 

There are many reasons why I decided to join this company, but the most important involve the sense of belonging. During the interview process, I knew there was a strong match between my values and Octane AI’s. I sensed that I could have an immediate, positive impact on the culture of the company as well as the ecommerce ecosystem. 

Throughout the interview process, our founders Matt Schlicht and Ben Parr conveyed excitement, kindness, candor, thoughtfulness and humility. It quickly became clear to me that the engagement and well being of every human being in the company was their top priority. The most fundamental pillar of my leadership philosophy lies in this very thought: 

Engagement trumps all in every context I work in. Fostering a sense of purpose about what you do, of understanding how what you do connects to the big picture, and the belief that you can materially influence business outcomes is the most worthy of all leadership challenges. 

After spending a full month now as part of this team, I can say that these values are no joke. What I sensed in the interview process has only been strengthened since. Matt and Ben are great at carefully selecting leaders and team members that fit the values of Octane AI, creating an environment that fosters productivity through happy and engaged teammates. Meanwhile the leadership team excels at communicating their values through positive behavior. You don’t need to keep looking at the graphic ⬆️ to get the message. 

Like many others, I want to do something I believe matters. One day, I want to be able to say that my career positively impacted the lives of many. Octane AI gives me the chance to have that impact. Let me tell you why. 

While the pandemic has brought incredible challenges, many small businesses and startups have adapted and found ways to flourish. Mandated isolation has understandably brought an explosion in ecommerce, with online shopping reaching record numbers. However, that same isolation did not bring instant solutions that bridge the gap between isolated consumers and the type of personalized experience they would get at their favorite retail store.

People won’t forget their need for connection once the pandemic finally becomes a page of history — this need for feeling connected will still be there and so will ecommerce. Octane AI is helping provide solutions that address this gap between merchants and consumers with tools like the Shop Quiz and the Conversational Pop-up that power personalized and humanized shopping experiences. Customers should not have to leave their homes to feel that they are being heard and understood by stores. At the same time, merchants shouldn’t feel the need to have a physical store to provide excellent customer experience that builds loyalty and retention. 

Simply, Octane AI is a place where we can help people regain some of the connection lost during the pandemic — a great cause.

Thanks for getting to know me and Octane AI a little bit better. If you believe that our values sync up with yours, please check out the currently available software engineer positions on our careers page. I’m looking forward to continuing expanding our remote engineering team, so apply today and come join this ride! 🚀 

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