Marketing AI for Shopify & Ecommerce 

Product finder and lead magnet quizzes that match your brand. 1-1 personalization data for email and SMS. Convert your database of customer data to valuable insights.

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4.9 Shopify Rating | Shopify Plus Certified App


Imagine If You Could Use AI To Personalize The Shopping Experience For Each Of Your Customers

What if you could get to know every customer who visited your store - and then deliver a personalized experience. This is exactly what Octane AI does.



Quiz AI: Help customers find the right product, learn about your brand, and convert to a happy purchase.

The #1 quiz in ecommerce.

Feature a quiz on your website that asks questions and leverages AI to recommend products and provide personalized education.

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Insights Analyst: Use AI to analyze all of your product reviews.

Have you read all of your product reviews and analyzed them? Probably not, but that is some of the most valuable data you have.

Let this AI analyze your reviews for you, it doesn't matter if you have hundreds or hundreds of thousands.

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AI Is The Future of Marketing


Operate 24/7

AI works tirelessly around the clock, providing continuous support and ensuring optimal performance for your brand.

Powered by GPT-4

Our AI can think for itself, question outcomes, and make decisions based on trillions of data points. 


Our AI seamlessly adapts to your business, effortlessly handling workloads without compromising on quality.


Our AI can perform tasks, and process data, that is impossible for a human team to accomplish.


Join Thousands of Marketers Octane AI To Fuel Growth

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